Here’s why White House Down 2 didn’t happen. The original Die Hard was based on the 1979 fiction Nothing Lasts Forever, about a retired polouse who becomes captured in a skyscraper during a terrorist merger. The diary was a sequel to author Roderick Thorp’s The Detective, which was adapted into a Frank Sinatra movie of the same name. A contractual aberration necessitate Sinatra had to be offered Die Hard firstly, though he had retired from acting by this place. Everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Richard Gere was offered the movie before Bruce Willis was hired for the lead role of John McClane.

Die Hard was a knock during its original freeing and is now regarded as an action classic. It likewise added a template for act movies for the next decade, with many adopting the “Die Hard on an X” formula, such as Speed, Passenger 57 and Under Siege. Willis also returned for four sequels as McClane in the years that followed, with the most recent being 2013 ‘s critically reviled A Good Day To Die Hard.

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There’s a peculiar phenomenon that happens every few years in Hollywood where movies with exceedingly similiar propositions come along at the same time. This includes 1989 ‘s aquatic cruelty quadruple feature, consisting of The Abyss, DeepStar Six, Leviathan and Lords Of The Deep. A more recent example is 2013, which assured two “Die Hard in the White House” movies croak head to manager, with Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down being exhausted within months of each other. The latter was a big budget, PG-1 3 circumstance starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, and initially appeared to be the favorite to win that special box-office battle.

Olympus Has Fallen performed Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart and thanks to a three month headstart on its contender, proved to be the winner. It didn’t help that White House Down received bad reviews and lost out on its opening weekend to the likes of The Heat and World War Z. There wasn’t any real talk of a White House Down 2 or possible right to follow the original movie leading up to its secrete, but had it been a affected, a follow-up almost certainly would have come together.

Of course, had a White House Down 2 happened, it’s unlikely it would have peculiarity Tatum or Foxx’s personas under besieging in the White House again. The later Olympus Has Fallen sequels received Butler’s bodyguard protecting the President during an attack in London before the third movie saw him on the run after being made. A White House Down sequel likely would have taken a similiar approach, but while the movie has developed something of a worship in the years since its release, a follow-up is extremely unlikely to happen now, outside of a STV sequel.

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