'Stillwater' Director Reacts to Amanda Knox's Comments On The Movie

Amanda Knox offset headlines this week after she noticed how the new movie Stillwater was eerily similar to her own life story.

The 34 -year-old was imprisoned and then eventually acquitted of the assassination of her former roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007.

Stillwater actually centers on American oil-rig roughneck( Matt Damon) who excursions to Marseille, France to visit his estranged daughter( Abigail Breslin ), who is in prison for a carnage she claims she did not commit.

After reading her and explains, direct Tom McCarthy has responded to them.

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On social media, Amanda claimed that movies like Stillwater” advantage off my list, face,& legend without my consent ,” while also doing damage to her honour.

During his interview with Variety, Tom stated that Stillwater was inspired by a number of different narrations, and was not alone about Amanda’s wrongful conviction.

” It does take from aspects of true man happenings, like many movies, but Stillwater is about Bill Baker’s journey, its relation with his estranged daughter Allison and a French both women and her young daughter he matches along the way .”

Tom went on, saying ” I profoundly empathize with Amanda and what she went through. She was rightfully found innocent and absolved in the Meredith Kercher contingency. She has stages to speak her truth and engage with the media and she is exercising her ultimate right to do so .”

” What she seems to be parent feels very removed from the film we actually induced ,” he added.

Amanda too announced some happy news for herand husband Christopher Robinson.

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