This past week presented the women of The Real Housewives of New York figuring out where they stood with the 2020 ballot, and it all came to a honcho when Eboni K. Williams tried to have an open and respectful conversation that Ramona Singer could not handle. Now, some sees are trying to understand all the details related to the drama between Eboni and Ramona.

As most RHONY love know, Ramona is assumed to be a staunch Republican who supported Donald Trump’s run for office. Much like the onetime chairperson, the mother of one was seemingly not a fan of obeying any pandemic guidelines, and she made it clear that she attended about her money. However, devotees have yet to figure out if she is indeed in the 1 percent of richest beings in the United Government. The devotees of Real Housewives of New York are well aware that Ramona likes to originate most issues about her, but Eboni is thankfully well-equipped when it comes to handling these meltdowns.

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To countless RHONY followers, this past week indicated Ramona Singer in a unusually shaded light. The pinot grigio buff had what could only be called a end “Karen meltdown” when Eboni brought up the conversation seeing politics. The worst offense was that Eboni had to comfort her after the outburst. Eboni has spoken of her support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during a few chapters. Ramona has remained quiet on who she voted for, but the fans have speedily figured it out.

It is a toss-up between which gossip Ramona detests more: politics or fornication. Eboni came out fluctuating as she just wanted to get her friend’s thoughts, but Ramona instead asked to have a nice evening. The discussion was never allowed to get any deeper, as multiple times Ramona left to go to her disallow or bedroom. At one point, she even threatened to walk out of her own accommodation, telling Eboni, “I don’t know you that well, feel like you’re teaching me, you’re preaching me.” All that Eboni was trying to do was connect on a personal level, and Ramona made it clear that she demanded “to have fun right now. I had a really hard week.” Not missing a beat, Eboni retorted, “that’s your privilege, this is the white female fragility.”

The two women ceased up gripping it out, but Eboni still concluded it off-putting that Ramona was unable to discuss politics like a arise adult. Ramona has also been accused by her friend Sonja Morgan of using sure-fire illustrations on her Instagram that were trying to rewrite a narrative. While Ramona isn’t aware that these utterances have been said, fans recall the revelation will come soon. As for Eboni, she summarized up the night perfectly, saying those discussions was “A s-t show … but one that we survived.”

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