Children everywhere cherish the story of how Rudolph and his rosy red nose leader Santa’s sleigh through the nighttime skies on a blustery Christmas Eve long ago. This classic has since been obliged into various works and movies.

See Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer signed:

Choosing Signs

As with any figure, the first time you will need to fingerspell R-U-D-O-L-P-H and then either situated him up in space OR create an delegate signaling name with “their childrens” so that you can use that for the rest of the story. I have exercised a R handshape on the nose, or the sign for deer with R handshapes. Ordinarily we have a discussion about it together, and the children decide what they think Rudolph’s blamed ratify appoint is advisable to.

Extension Activity

There are many nice indicating pleasures you can do with this book and song. For a great recipe that goes with the theme of this notebook, view my commodity Cooking Up Language with Signs: Peanut Butter Reindeer/ Rudolph Cookies.

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