Call me ironic and unromantic, but the best thing Pandora Season 2 Episode 2 had to offer was the capabilities of the Jax and Xander relationship actually proceeding kaputs.

I are well aware won’t last-place, but a relief from the bad pillow-talk and worse sitcom-esque lovemaking is welcome.

Meanwhile, I’m rooting for the Zatarians and actually a little worried about their homeworld. Certainly more than I was for Lost-in-Space Xander at the end of Pandora Season 2 Episode 1 anyway.

Ralen and Matta - Pandora Season 2 Episode 2

The part concept of the Clayton’s World society is incredibly absurd, as well as superlatively disturbing.

My first issue is with the Council being perpetually young and NO ONE discover as they are sent off through some spooky entrance year after year.

Of track, the first batches of portal fodder would’ve been those older than the twenty-five year-old cut-off. I expect they started with the actual injured and frail and then started moving the cut-off down, conveniently stopping before Jennifer’s alleged( and static) age.

But as generations of immigrants continued to be rallied off into the unknown, how could they not notice that the Council wasn’t changing or aging?

Councilor: Surely, you can appreciate — being so young and beautiful yourselves — the advantage of youth. Your strength, verve, stamina, in all number of things. Eventually, your thought and person will decay.Ralen: But, with age, comes wisdom.Councilor: An axiom fabricated by an aged, human male.

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I entail, sure, most of them were barely out of adolescence before their timer set off, and there’s apparently a good deal of dogma( and whatever that fermented boozing is called) involved in a society ever levitating on the brink of resource collapse.

Given the twenty-five-year cutoff, we’d have to assume beings were being married off early and having children abruptly, merely to leave them to be raised by the under-twenty-fives formerly they Departed.

Talk about intergenerational trauma.

Xander Reporting In - Pandora Season 2 Episode 2

And, as if we didn’t know this already, Xander is a TERRIBLE first contact representative. To acquire from Star Trek tropes, he’s get First Officer tendencies with a Captain’s authority.

Forgetting for the moment the facts of the case that he’s closely to deal with his cadet( and I try to all the time ), the first thing he does is request their weapons back.

Apparently Earth Com etiquette is never to bow to a foreign power, but shouldn’t cadets is a well-known fact that if it’s actually a thing? And doesn’t it inspected more ungainly to be correcting your crew in front of said foreign power?

And who the HECK chugs an uncharted beverage like he does? It would’ve provided him right if the drink had knocked him out fully or turned him into a blathering imbecile. Oh, wait.

Admiral: Welcome aboard, Captain. How are you feeling? Xander: I’m just happy to have a pulse, Admiral.

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Jax’s impulsiveness remains her trademark, and Matta is understandably concerned with her appear disdain for safety and protocol AND chain of command.

Ralen: Are you sure that’s wise? Jax: I don’t know if it’s prudent but it’s what I’m going to do.

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Honestly, if they rotate off a Ralen and Matta series about their brand-new life wherever, I’d is very much onboard.

Eve  - Pandora Season 2 Episode 2

Nothing about Eve and the Pandora’s explanations for being there made any sense.

And the IDEA that Roxanne McKee is Tierney’s biological mother( the actresses are only eight years apart in age IRL) blows expulsion of disbelief into another dimension.

Furthermore, the number of years needed to turn Harlan Fried the Younger into Harlan Fried the Elder( who are currently vampires his space back into the shape of The Younger) clearly outstrips Eve’s lifespan, so WTH?

Doctor: It appears to be some kind of anti-matter weapon, able to completely consume solid concern within minutes.Fried: And what does two daughters, Tierney, perhaps crave with it? Doctor: I couldn’t say.Fried: Well, who could have created such a thing? Doctor: I couldn’t say.Fried: You know there is nothing. Why on earth time I even save you in my employ? Doctor: I … couldn’t say?

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Back on Earth, I continue to feel there are better storeys going on.

The superpower striving between Osborn and Lucas is one I can experience since neither is all that likeable.

I’d like to think Admiral Lucas is smarter than she causes on.

I’m praying that she realized that Harlan Fried bugged her position with that sit send and that’s why she interrogated Osborn out in her living room, instead.

Meanwhile, understanding Osborn set back and plummet into a holding cell is somewhat satisfying as he wasn’t much for heated, fuzzy, collaborative feelings when he was in command in Season 1.

Speaking of Osborn, how does he not know his sister had a baby with Harlan Fried? Too, when was it established that Osborn and Fried were once besties? I obviously missed that notation in Season 1.

Osborn in Lockup - Pandora Season 2 Episode 2

Shral doesn’t is a lot of screen go — never has — but ever makes an impression when he does appear.

He’s been a are part of the inner circle from the beginning, and every Academy faculty member involved with the CIS has had sketchy — or at least, undefined — motivations.

His involvement with Jett’s reinstatement and his little visit with Osborn continue to alert my spidey-senses that he’s got things in the works.

While I can buy that Jett might be moonlighting as a custodian to cover his tuition expenses, I’m betting that his return to school as well as his actual embeds are courtesy of the good and petulant professor.

Prof Shral - Pandora Season 2 Episode 2

Zazie’s moral compass is a palate-cleanser amid the sordidness of interplanetary and campus shenanigans.

Her concerns about enact tests and staying in courses might seem prosaic, but, dangerously, it makes channel more smell than anything else that goes on on this show.

And the sheer joyou comfort on her face when Jett admits to being a janitor is just a lovely countenancing sentimentality, bad puns and all.

Zazie: That’s what you were doing in Professor Shral’s office? Cleaning it.Jett: Yeah.Zazie: My god, that is so great! That’s so great! Jett: What’s immense about it? Zazie: I thought you were a bandit and a storyteller and a cheat.Jett: K, maybe you missed what I said. I’m a JANITOR.Zazie: So what? It’s honest, hard work. I know what you’re going through. SCREW these rich, privileged minors. You and I, we got to stick together. Come on, let’s JET to class.Jett: JET to class? Actually?

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While I’m sure Zazie will later be enfolded into the Earth Com Scooby Gang, I’ll miss this little corner of pleasantness when it’s gone.

Zazie on the Case - Pandora Season 2 Episode 2

The final little Earth-based plotline is the aforementioned Harlan Fried and his multi-purpose sciency guy, who not only facilitates him drain victims for youth push but monitors the surveillance on Lucas.

When it comes to unrepentant depravity, Harlan Fried’s not been written with much ingenuity. That tell me anything, it’s nice to have one character who flies his( suffering) colors so proudly.

Xander: Your doppelganger was wrong, Jax. When we see something that’s broken, then we sterilize it. That’s what establishes us human.Jax: No, Xander. Not everything that is broken can be fixed.

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While you watch Pandora online, it’s hard-bitten not to side with the Ancients and the Pandora( R.I.P .) but we’re “re supposed to” clap for the residence team, so I’m going to advocate that Zazie gets to be our rep when the Final Judgement comes down.

Or Matta. She’s cool.

Over to y’all now: Will they find a way to save Zatar?

Can they stop the motioned?

Will Jax attest some new capability now that the Pandora’s been eliminated?

Or, better hitherto, since the Pandora has the ability to open portals, maybe she HASN’T been eliminated?

Hit specific comments with your prognosis!

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