There are a lot of questions The Walking Dead: World Beyond has to answer over the course of its two-season run, but showrunner Matthew Negrete says followers won’t have to wait long to learn the full legend behind Silas’ dark past. The show is the second spinoff from The Walking Dead, but it is unique in its design as a limited-run series; it will have only two 10 -episode seasons. The aviator episode places up a good deal of yarns to untangle: the prime narration concerns teenage sisters Iris( Aliyah Royale) and Hope( Alexa Mansour ), who leave behind the( relative) safety of the Campus Colony and set out across the country to find their missing father-god. They’re been incorporated into Silas( Hal Cumpston ), who has a inscrutable biography of violence, and Elton( Nicolas Cantu ), who has the most experience in all countries of the world outside Campus Colony’s walls.

World Beyond is the third overall line in the franchise, but it won’t be the last. There are two other pictures( the anthology series Narratives of The Walking Dead and an as-yet-untitled Carol and Daryl spinoff) and three movies that are consistent with Rick Grimes( Andrew Lincoln) contrived. The original Walking Dead serial will end in 2022 after send its eleventh season, but there will still be plenty of content that explores new the issues and fibs for fans of the TWD universe. The mystery-focused World Beyond, for example, is a reprieve from the survival-based drama of the original serial( though there’s still plenty of the struggle “empties, ” as World Beyond calls the undead ).

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Negrete emphatically has his hands full with all the questions introduced in the aviator incident of World Beyond, and with a clear end date for the series, it would be easy to save all the reveals for the final pull of chapters. But during a board at New York Comic Con, Negrete revealed that observers will definitely learn about Silas’ past in season 1. He said 😛 TAGEND

“We will definitely find out what sort of his darknes past “re talking about”. In the teaser we hear these two girlfriends talking about him, and we know he’s from Omaha, we know he’s brand-new there, and one of them says he should be in jail for what he did. So plainly, there’s some darkness that’s following him around. Y’know, at the end of the aviator what we hear him say is that he wants to leave because he wants to be different from what everybody thinks he is there, and so he wants to be someone else. But what we’re going to find out after he leaves is that that’s easier said than done and that his past is actually going to follow him out there in some ways and he’s going to be forced to deal with it. The one thing I’ll say too is that there’s this one specific episode we have coming up down the pike that we really find out everything that went down with Silas.”

It’s reassure are well aware that World Beyond has made speeding into account when proposing the serial. One of certain advantages of a limited series is that the writers can meticulously contrive storylines and don’t have to stretch particular subplots beyond their interest limits or always has come forward with brand-new tacks for the appearance. The downside, though, is that it can be tempting to play your cards close to your chest for too long, inducing spectators to lose interest or be disappointed in the final uncover. By giving onlookers small bits of insight along the way, the ending feels more earned.

It remained to be seen whether World Beyond can resolve its central puzzle in a fill mode but, from a storytelling attitude, knowing we’ll soon learn more about Silas is a good sign. The show has received desegregated discuss so far but it’s still early in its stream; there’s still plenty of duration for the line to grow into its own. Hopefully, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will make the jaunt worth it.

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