Once, in the midst of a night club, your best friend- who stands 6’3, 115 kgs- asked if I has in the past reeked the cheese. Replying “Nah” in a style that suggested I was excited by the prospect was my first mistake.

Bending down to sniff his clenched fist( cheese) as it sat on his dinner slab sized hand was my second mistake.

Continuing to imbibe and not endeavouring medical attention, after his fist flung into my nose, was the third largest.

But perhaps the biggest mistake of all was relying the intention of someone who should have been looking after me through our life-long connection. This was a relationship built on respect and adore, and my desperation to be involved in the revelry construed me taken advantage of and punched in the face.

The good information, for me, is that I am not alone in this whole “trust, adoration and demand for involvement in the revelry so bad I will do and guess almost anything” thing. Tasmanians ought to have smelling the AFL’s cheese for longer than anyone can remember.

The most recent recommendation handed down by the AFL, via a feasibility study authored by onetime Geelong President, Colin Carter, presented this as his summing-up of findings.

SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: The event for Tasmania is strong, and the recommendation is that Tasmania should be represented by a crew in the AFL/ AFLW national rivalries- but the best form of that unit is less clear-cut. It could take the form of a 19 th license and that case can be made. But re-location of an existing team if a guild is keen to take that itinerary, or a joint venture between Tasmanian stakeholders and a Victorian squad that ensure strong subsistence in the two marketplaces from the start, would arguably induce a more sustainable outcome.

The one thing I love about the English language, and how we roll it out, is the purpose of “but”. It plies democracy to do exactly the opposite of your opening testimony.

No disrespect, but I am now was just about to blatantly disrespect you.

I’m not a prejudiced, but … I did a intolerance- thanks Taylor.

WHAT IT Genuinely Represents: The event for Tasmania is strong, and the recommendation is that Tasmania should be represented by a unit in the AFL/ AFLW national tournament- BUT the reality is that we have wasted even more money and time to fashion up a cluster of words that were aimed at get Tasmanians to see it our space via these three gives, of which, exclusively both are workable through the purpose of applying “BUT “.

1. Own team- not viable.

2. Relocate North Melbourne or some other low-pitched membership and deficit ridden Melbourne based club down their full go under the guise of “joint venture”.

3. Victorian associations continue to play out of Hobart or Launceston.

The above alternatives will be explored through the implementation of their own separate feasibility studies, formation of four taskforces and three steering committee so that this will drag out long enough that the Tasmanian state government will have to continue to be the booty announcement of the AFL if it misses access to AFL tournaments and stimulus into its winter economy.

In short- the AFL really swiped us unsophisticated Tasmanians in the face . . . again. No standalone Tasmanian team is incoming.

We want THE MAP. Stand alone. Green foundation. Yellow Map. Maroon T and prunes.

We don’t want a flunking squad relocating now for the money. You belief attending is low for North Melbourne sports now, wait until we really hate them because “they took our jobs”.

We have appreciated the furnish of AFL into the community, our cordiality and tourism investments manufactures have desired the dose of participants into their winter monetaries, BUT we are done.

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And so, it seems, is Premier Peter Gutwein; who arrived to his 11 am press conference, established to respond to the Carter Review, in a White Cortina( Tasmanian equivalent to that given to a White Knight) and said “NAH”, except this time there was no enthusiasm or body language that suggested further journey would be taking place.

“The AFL have taken the view that they can kick the can down the road. Well let me be clear, “theres been” ramifications for that” said Premier Gutwein in a fashion that equips imagery of him flicking the chick at any offering of cheese making.

Blessed AREN’T the Cheese Makers, says Premier Gutwein.

And the respite, I’m paraphrasing here:* Premier Gutwein said a seam crusade will not be possible for a Tasmanian AFL entity.* That he won’t roll North Melbourne and Hawthorn contracts over until he gets a satisfactory response from the AFL.* If the response doesn’t come this year, then there will be no coin from the Tasmanian Government and no tournaments in Tasmania. And this will be on the AFL’s head.

Tasmania’s savior. Premier Peter Gutwein. Not only has he stopped COVID from participating the government through his hardline stance on border control, but he is now putting a stop to the 3am desperation call from Gill after GWS, Hawthorn, North Melbourne and the feature graveyard of the Gold coast stopped buying him drinks since they are all flow out of money.

The Premier has indicated strongly in the past that he was willing to rehab the state’s addiction to these dishonest practises by standing up for the unified voice of the Tasmania football community.

And to see him hold firm on that stance, the only feasible statu for Tasmania to have a stand-alone team, is one that stipulates me, and I am sure the broader football community, with great hope.

We want THE MAP. Stand alone. Green foundation. Yellow Map. Maroon T and edgings.

It. Is. Time.

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