NEW DELHI: State-owned telecom firm BSNL has urged the telecom department to deploy adequate number of senior ITS patrolmen on key managerial arrangements to ensure uninterrupted assistance to its purchasers. The fellowship has wheeled out voluntary retirement scheme to reduce the number of employees and related expenses. The BSNL has also developed concern before the Department of Telecom about prescribes being issued by it for repatriation or deputation of some employees to other organisations, which is creating indiscipline among certain quarters of the deployed officers. After the advertisement of VRS, BSNL Human Resource Director Arvind Vadnerkar has written to the DoT citing its Chairman and Managing Director PK Purwar request in July for deployment of 200 added ITS patrolmen apart from existing 550 personnel once deployed at the organisation on important senior administrative posts at the public sector firm. “BSNL is passing through a crisis statu where manning all the key ministerial stance is the need of the hour for ensuring uninterrupted busines to valuable patrons in the best business interest of the company, ” Vadnerkar said in the letter. The authority in October approved a Rs 68,751 -crore revival package for loss-making BSNL and MTNL, including 4G range apportioning and voluntary retirement protection schemes, as well as their uniting. Vadnerkar said that periodical altered in the affixing of officers is desirable to meet urgent manpower requirement across the field but some police engage with the DoT to seek favourable degree to stay in the curve or province where they were affixed. The BSNL HR Director said there are some 32 ITS( Indian Telecommunications Service) policemen endeavouring their remedy from BSNL, who have either been selected for deputation or to be repatriated back to DoT in accordance with the orders of the department. “Such a predilection of circumventing lineups of competent authority in BSNL indicates developing evidence of indiscipline among specific fourth of deployed police, ” Vadnerkar said. According to The international association, the officers deployed at BSNL by the DoT have repeatedly expressed concern over the delay in payment of salaries, owings and discriminatory treatment meted out to them at the organisation demotivates them to work for the PSU and therefore asked their repatriation. The association representatives was indicated that the BSNL is running short of officers because it has offered VRS to 803 major level officers out of which 458 have opted for it. “When BSNL needs Grade A level officers to man important position, the management should have not offered them VRS. Instead of requiring ITS police officers from the DoT, BSNL should send back around 550 ITS back to the department. This will help them in saving of over Rs 500 crore, ” ITS Association President PK Jain said. Total, one lakh BSNL employees are eligible for the Voluntary Retirement Scheme( VRS) out of its total faculty persuasivenes of about 1.50 lakh. The effective time of voluntary retirement under the present intrigue is January 31, 2020. Over 92,000 BSNL and MTNL employees have opted for VRS. BSNL is looking at a savings of about Rs 7,000 crore in compensation statute, if 70,000 -8 0,000 personnel opt for the programme.

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