Yara Shahidi Reveals She Completed Her 136-Page Thesis For Harvard University DegreeYara Shahidi Reveals She Completed Her 136-Page Thesis For Harvard University DegreeYara Shahidi Reveals She Completed Her 136-Page Thesis For Harvard University Degree

Some college degrees require you to pitch and present a thesis before you can call yourself an alum. So, each year, thousands of students buckle down and do the, often laborious, piece of putting together their assignment. For our luminary friends pursing their higher education, that process doesn’t look so different. At least, that’s the case for’ Grown-ish’ hotshot Yara Shahidi. On Thursday, she revealed that she’s one pace closer to graduating Harvard University after completing her own thesis.

” Weighing in at 32, 508 names, 136 sheets is this thesis columnist Yara Sayeh Shahidi ,” the undergrad student said during a video. “Let’s goooo.”

Yara shared the video via her verified history early Thursday morning. Viewers can see Yara wearing a crimson-colored sweatshirt with” Harvard University” be drawn up in white-hot lettering. She wore her mane in a liberate bun while snowflakes spewed down onto the star and background place. She, rightfully so, praised herself in the caption of the clip.

” Your favourite thesis columnist is officially done writing ,” she said.” Try not to be intimidated by my stats .”

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Yara’s College Journey

Back in April 2017, Yara told’ Seventeen Magazine ‘ she had a handful of college adoptions, including Harvard, and was weighing her alternatives. And talk about a flex, the month prior to that, Yara had received a recommendation letter from onetime First Lady Michelle Obama.

Fast forward to September 2021, we got to see just how serious Yara was taking her Harvard schooling. Yara received a request to present at the 73 rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards. But, she made it clear to showrunners that her priority of the nighttime was getting on a flight to make it to class on time. So, she was allowed to present early in the show.

” The lovely people at The Academy really helped me out because I was like,’ Guys, I have a hard-bitten out to make this flight ,’ Yara told’ Entertainment Tonight ‘ at the time.

Yara is expected to graduate with the class of 2022.

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