Warning: SPOILERS for New Mutants# 1!

Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men relaunch has revealed that Charles Xavier’s daughter, Xandra, is about to take dictation of an entire alien empire. The X-Men have a long history with the immigrants known as the Shi’ar, an Avian race who have involved themselves with human occasions on several occasions. In knowledge, for a meter Charles Xavier lived in Shi’ar space and had a relationship with the Shi’ar Empress, Lilandra.

Last year’s Mr and Mrs X streak revealed that Xavier and Lilandra actually had a secret daughter. The daughter of two prominent telepaths, Xandra appears to be a powerful psychic in her own privilege. “Shes had” the subconscious ability to telepathically deceive others by projecting an form that they are able to cause others to protect her; hilariously, when she was encountered by Gambit, that meant she was like a totally naked Rogue. It’s impossible to say how strong Xandra is; she’s unlikely to be an Omega mutant, rendered Jonathan Hickman has even retconned Professor X as a non-Omega.

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This week’s New Mutants# 2 reveals that Xandra is being trained to take over as ruler of the entire Shi’ar Empire. The throne is currently occupied by Gladiator, a super-powerful being who has ever acted as governor of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, but it seems he believes this should only be a temporary state of affairs. Gladiator is steadfast to the Royal House of Neramani, and he virtually contemplates himself as a regent who regulates until Xandra is old enough to take charge. He believes that Xandra is growing at an accelerated rate, and that it won’t be long before she’s ready.

Unfortunately, Gladiator’s loyalty to the House of Neramani guides him to a critical error; he decides to send for another member of the royal family, Deathbird, to help prepare her. That’s certainly going to be a mistake; Xandra’s aunt has long begrudged the throne for herself. Worse still, the New Mutants wind up hitching a razz with the Imperial Guardsman who goes to collect Deathbird, and Sunspot immediately comes head-over-heels for Deathbird. Sunspot is arrogant enough to believe himself immune to Deathbird’s manipulative lanes – and that stirs him highly vulnerable.

It will be fascinating to see how New Mutants plays out. The narration is taking quite a few unexpected quirks, and right now it appears to be the cosmic equivalent of Game of Thrones, with references being assembled who will vie to take charge of the entire alien empire. It’s worth noting, though, that Gladiator is probably underestimating his freight; the daughter of Charles Xavier and Lilandra Neramani is likely to be a far more potent contender than he believes.

New Mutants# 2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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