The hit on Alvin Kamara was a textbook pattern of a hitting that are required to be flagged.

The NFL had taken action to spawn video games safer, including implementing a brand-new principle this offseason that penalise helmet-to-helmet knocks. But we’re still visualizing refs miss easy sees that should flagged.

On Thursday night in Week 13, Saints running back Alvin Kamara took a harsh hitting from Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith that left him stumbling as he sought to get off the ground.

@NFL The @A_kamara6 punched to the leader on participate … Wow u0pZoaZLrM

— Brenden Ertle (@ Brenden_Ertle) November 30, 2018

These have been the kind of makes that the tournament is trying to eliminate, but Smith wasn’t even flagged for propelling himself into Kamara.

A 15 -yard penalty would’ve given the Saints a fresh determine of downs to work with in a three-point play in the fourth quarter. Instead, they punted and failed to compose again, losing 13 -1 0.

Kamara left the game briefly after the smash, but returned. Even though he was healthy enough to return, the comedy still should’ve been flagged for Kamara’s safety and Smith’s safety.

Smith was later penalized $26,739 for the strike but is requesting it, is in accordance with ESPN’s Todd Archer.

What presiding experts to say something about the knock

During the broadcast, Fox Sports rulers psychoanalyst Mike Pereira said it was obvious that hit should’ve been flagged, as did announcers Troy Aikman and Joe Buck 😛 TAGEND

Aikman: That’s a lead to the helmet, and there’s a call that should’ve been easy to make.

Buck: Mike Pereira, that should’ve been called.

Pereira: Yeah, we haven’t considered many called this year, but that’s a clear pattern of leading with the crown of the helmet.

Former referee and current CBS analyst Gene Steratore agreed with Pereira that reaches like these need to be expunged from football.

Overall, actors have been adjusting well to the @NFL‘s new helmet power. Nonetheless, plays like this must be penalized and removed from the game for safety reasons. #NOvsDAL k1p05BWKLW

— Gene Steratore (@ GeneSteratore) November 30, 2018

According to Article 8 of the 2018 NFL rulebook, lowering the psyche to establish contact is against the rules.

It is a foul if a musician lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent.

Note: The tackle carton no longer exists once the clod leaves the tackle box.

Penalty: Loss of 15 grounds. If the pollute is by the justification, it is also an automated first down. The musician is also available disqualified.

As a totality, the NFL has actually called these contaminates eight terms this year according to ESPN Stats& Info.

Pretty much. Through last night’s game, it has been called 8 experiences this season, per @ESPNStatsInfo database.( Gathered from weekly competition books .) https :// IVE7y 1Nfqz

— Kevin Seifert (@ SeifertESPN) November 30, 2018

What the Saints told me about the reach

The Saints weren’t vocally upset about the ten-strike after video games, for “the worlds largest” fraction. Alvin Kamara himself didn’t have much to say about the touch.

“Did one come out? It is what is. It doesn’t is important that I was expecting…Yeah, I’m cool. I came back out, didn’t I? ”

Drew Brees said to “let the league deal with that” when he was referring to Smith’s hit on Kamara potentially being penalty.

Head coach Sean Payton, who is on the NFL Competition Committee, uttered the referees a bit leeway with their mistake:

“I was involved in the process of the rule. Listen, those are hard to call as well. Certainly, it’s tough when the people are moving around real fast. I haven’t met it as cleanly as you guys have. Listen, we got flog. We went strike tonight and there will be a number of things we that we can point to but overall, we just didn’t do fairly as a team.”

Saints defensive undertake Sheldon Rankins had the strongest reaction after video games, via 😛 TAGEND

Jaylon Smith’s pate was down. He launched right into Kamara, hit him with the treetop of his helmet, ” defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins said. “That’s above my bribe grade to say what the league should and should not do, what officials should and should not do.

“But, I play football, and I know what a helmet-to-helmet is, and to me it was helmet to helmet.”

Jordan Reed was on the bad extremity of a helmet-to-helmet the week before

Kamara’s hit came simply one week after Washington tight extremity Jordan Reed declined his own ruin affected in their Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys — another slam that wasn’t flagged.

Refs miss self-evident helmet to helmet hit on Jordan Reed at the end of video games 64 QVBD6Ic 9

— (@ FootBasketcom) November 23, 2018

At this degree in the game, Washington was trailing 31 -2 0 on Dallas’ 13 -yard line with time over one minute left of sport era. The play-act occurred on third-and-3 — an automated first down would’ve given them a chance to valued a touchdown in the waning minutes of the game. That thumped looked even worse when you account for Reed’s extensive impact history.

Washington head coach Jay Gruden were more inspired about Reed’s stumbled than the Saints was just about Kamara’s stumbled. Via the Washington Post :

“It’s really frustrating because that’s a site of emphasis, so to speak, ” Gruden said. “And when it’s that shameless in front of a great deal of beings in the middle of the field, you just wonder why that wasn’t called if we’re talking about protection of the players. It’s exasperating. I know Jordan was disheartened. He was going crazy. Unfortunately we just have to regroup and go on to the next toy. You’re a tight expiration and you’re defenseless and you get hit in the pate — that’s what we’re trying to take out of the game. Unfortunately, they missed that call.”

Like Gruden alluded to, the reason that those rules were acquired is to safeguard the players. Luckily, Kamara and Reed were OK; that still doesn’t vindicate the rule not being enforced. The natural brutality of football is unavoidable, but the NFL still needs to do a better errand of taking care of its players.

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