Jannetty appears to threaten is girlfriend, as well as admit to innumerable more murders.

Professional wrestler Marty Jannetty, best known for his time in WWE as a member of the acclaimed call crew “The Rockers” with Shawn Michaels, acknowledged to committing murder when he was 13 years old in a wander, strange Facebook post.

Note: We have edited the below post to remove a homophobic innuendo represented in the original.

The 60 -year-old wrestler alleges that he was targeted by a boy when he was 13 years old, who he guessed was going to sexually aggression him. At which spot he killed the man, and dropped his torso in the Chattahoochie River, probably in, or near Columbus, Georgia — where Jannetty grew up. It’s also where Victory Lanes, the bowling alley referred to in this berth is located.

Perhaps most chilling is that Jannetty is using the fib as a threat for his longtime girlfriend, saying “I promised myself acces back then , nothing would hurt me again .. that includes you.” Jannetty also indicates that he killed more beings over his life, saying “that was the very first time I made a adult disappear, ” indicating there could be more.

It’s unclear if Jannetty is being honest in this story. The wrestler has had numerous questionable posts in the past, including in 2018 when Jannetty’s account indicated he wanted to have sex with the status of women he raised as a daughter, which he later said was posted by intruders. Jannetty has also contended with substance abuse controversies throughout the course of his career, and was recently involved in a lawsuit against WWE claim “hes suffering from” Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy( CTE) as a result of fighting without adequate protection during the 1980 s and 1990 s.

Jannetty has since deleted the berth in question, and has not made a statement about the suspect assassination he admitted to membership in. Local police have not said whether they intend to look into the post.

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