Kylie Jenner, WHO ?!

The day after her former BFF uttered a surprise appearance in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP music video, Jordyn Woods depicted off her own resources in a new video on Instagram which left VERY little to the imagination.

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The 22 -year-old paid a trip to SKINIC in Beverly Hills on Friday for a lymphatic sewage rub, AKA” a flesh of amiable rub that encourages the movement of lymph flowings around the body. The liquid in the lymphatic method assists remove squander and toxins from the bodily tissues ,” according to the spa.

But this isn’t just any massage! In the video uploaded to the clinic’s IG Story, a nearly-nude Miz Woods can be seen laying face down on a massage table while a technician wipes down her butt and thigh area.

Give it a look for yourself HERE!

The model is a big fan of lymphatic sewage massages, and was formerly shared her solutions on Insta, writing in February along with a clip of her toned belly 😛 TAGEND

“Lymphatic drainage rubs have a lot of health benefits. Helps remove toxins, improves flow, helps your immune plan and so much more.”

Her video give cause quite a stir online, particularly on Twitter where there’s been no scarcity of likeness to the Kylie Cosmetics founder, especially in light of her cameo in the WAP video. Ch-ch-check out the responses( below ):

” the way jordyn lumbers would’ve ate everybody the f ** k up in that leopard print”

” Jordyn woods has the body Kylie Jenner is paying for”

” maidens genuinely out here arguing over whether or not Jordyn Woods’ torso is natural or not. Y’all been find them Kar-Jenner bodies for so long y’all forgot pitch-black females are the blueprint”

” The direction Jordyn Woods simply broke the Internet chile …. pitch-black maids never fail to amaze me”

” If you influenced like Jordyn Woods please let me remunerate this month’s rent for you”

” i saw jordyn woods’ ass today … it’s been a good day”

” Kylie jenner is probably looking at this photo and crying start her ass ain’t real like jordyn groves ass .”

” No need to wonder why Tristan Thompson was tryna get at Jordyn Woods”

” Men were just pull the WAP song for being sexual, and now they craving over Jordyn Woods with her entire ass out in a video of her getting a rub. Make it make sense .”

Was this some intentional subtlety throw Ky’s channel by Jordyn ?? Or a merely coincidence that “shes had” this appointment ?! Let us know( below) in specific comments !!

[ Image via Jordyn Woods/ Instagram .]

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