The Jackass Forever trailer is out, and it’s certainly a blare from the past. You’ve get most of the original Jackass cast returning, like Wee Man and Steve-O, some brand-new faces and celebrities – but unfortunately long-time Jackass cast member Bam Margera won’t be among them in Jackass 4, due to allegedly breaching his contractual arrangement. For many years, Bam has dealt with drug and alcohol abuse, with the death of his best friend and Jackass movie and Jackass series cast mate Ryan Dunn in 2011 transmitting him spiraling further down the path of addiction. His former Jackass co-star Steve-O responded to his ranting in the comments of his IG video by saying how the two beings Bam says wronged him, Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville, likewise saved his life. The now somber Steve-O also once suffered from addiction. In other information, seems like James Gunn got to do whatever he demanded in the upcoming DC movie, Suicide Squad. Speaking with Variety, actor Jai Courtney commented on the amount of freedom the studio applied to the director. And finally, it seems like beings are chill on going a Netflix account these days, as the stream giant’s subscriber base in The americas has dropped by almost half a million. The second one-fourth of 2021 has been somewhat of a mixed bag for Netflix, with The Hollywood Reporter stating that Netflix surfaced its possibilities for the second quarter after conjuring its customer tally by 1.5 million.

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