Someone i am familiar with was born on 18 may. apparently that’s a big deal since its close to 26 deg taurus i.e. in Algol’s orb. idk how tighten the orb should be with attached stellars. idk him well enough to say with certainty that he isn’t negative or destructive but it doesn’t seem so at all. one thing i predict which applies to him is that ego thing, at the least a little. he is the kind of a person who loooves kanye west maybe a little too much( kanye’s mercury is at 26 deg taurus) but idk ive seen that as a common theme with like a bajillion beings with taurus in their maps; theyre very reliable and beautiful people but they tend to use that vibe to hide behind initially.

all in all i couldnt tell you wtf this represents. megan fox is 0orb conjunct algol extremely, this is just strange if its real at all.

( likewise separately, this person also has sunbathed opp lilith; could person tell me what that means lol)

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