It feels like we only just embraced the glare ofYellowjackets, yet the time has come to say goodbye for now. The Showtime drama closed out its first season Sunday night with a final hour that left us appalled, fright, and — as ever — hungry for more.

Season 1, escapade 10 “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” heightens more questions than it reacts, but it does show Yellowjackets’ hand for Season 2 and a lot of what’s to come.

In the present, adult Yellowjackets , now including Misty, destroy and dispose of Adam’s body before cleaning up( and crying) and heading to their 25 -year high school reunion. Their entrance scene is splendid — simultaneously something out of a very different kind of show and hitherto solely of a piece with Yellowjackets entire ethos of juxtaposing young womanhood with abject cruelty.

They saunter into the gym just like they did in the aviator, maybe arousing something up in the ones who once jealousy them for being soccer performs, and now fear who the Yellowjackets are and what they’ve been through. The meaning is clear, especially with Adam’s blood barely showered clean-living: Decades last-minute, these women are still a team.

Back in the groves, everyone is recovering from Doomcoming. Travis refuses to acknowledge what the girls virtually did to him–and he scarcely has is necessary to, because Javi is missing. Jackie condemns the other girls and their all the actions grates on her. They still can’t feel she had sex with Travis, and pressure rises until Jackie and Shauna have a fight that’s months, if not years overdue. Jackie points up leaving the cabin to sleep outside, both parties too proud and upset to go back on their utterance.

The morning comes too late.

O skipper, my officer

A teenage girl in a varsity soccer jacket scoffs in the firelight.

This was unexpected.

Approval: Kailey Schwerman/ Showtime

Yellowjackets made very clear that anyone can die out in the wilderness, but we never expected Jackie of all parties to go so soon. Besides Laura Lee, she’s the first to die since the gate-crash, and whatever feelings the other girls may have had about her, this is their teammate and captain.

Rewatch Season 1 with knowledge of Jackie’s fate and everything there is speaks differently( but what about the gazettes ?? ). The Yellowjackets scribes meticulously craft this tragic story, one of an admired and envied young girl who should have been on top of the world — and for a brief time, she was, before the clang took her wholly out of her point.

The drastic incongruity doesn’t excuse the times Jackie is inconsiderate or self-absorbed out in the wilderness, but it changes how you examine everything, especially Shauna’s storages of her. Until now, adult Shauna’s guilt — minutes like the Jackie hallucination saying “It’s not your fault” — moment at sleeping with Jeff as a teen or even chewing Jackie in the woods. The truth is at once simpler and sadder.

In her final times, Jackie imagines her best friend welcoming her back into the cabin and all the other Yellowjackets telling her they adore her. Adoration was a foregone conclusion of their own lives before the crash, and rare bordering on inconceivable after it. She’s used to realise people feel happy, motivated, and special, but nothing of her supremacies work in the lumbers.

“You don’t matter anymore, ” Lottie told her in “Doomcoming.”

The last-place person to speak in Jackie’s vision is a man we’ve never seen before, except in the opening credits, leering from the darks.

“So glad you’re joining us, ” he says. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

To say this is loaded is an understatement. This may or may not be some form of the French Canadian, and it’s the only part of Jackie’s vision that doesn’t connect to her life. This is likely to be the French Canadian, or their captor, or someone else altogether. They appear to be speaking on behalf of the dead, or on behalf of whatever else is in the timbers. Speaking of which …

Who lifetimes, who dies, who joins a fatality cult

A young woman in the woods, wearing a dirty white dress.

Things take a dark turn in the “Yellowjackets” finale.

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Van tells Taissa that when the wolf attacked her, she was somewhere between living and dead. She saw something in that in-between state, something that still panics her. She doesn’t know what it meant, but she securely accepts something else is in the groves with them.

The finale’s last shot throws us a chilling peep at transfer tides in the wilderness: Lottie, Van, and Misty kneel before a makeshift altar where Lottie presents a flesh sacrifice to protect them. This is no doubt the beginnings of what we realized in the captain, but with clearer purpose than before; these girls are not just starving, they’re performing rituals.

Until this occurrence, we didn’t know for a fact that any of the adult Yellowjackets besides Misty participated in this. The dead girlfriend in the pilot and brewing frictions in this finale point to our survivors all separate into hunters and hunted. At least four adult Yellowjackets are trying to live normal lives and escape their past, but many more might be alive — either off the grid or still in the timbers. Lottie still has power and contact beyond anything we imagined — we can’t be sure she’s alive, but her gift certainly is.

For a entire season, the adult Yellowjackets have avoided but seldom referenced their time in the timbers. Located on the opening sequence, we thought we understood what this want: Murder, cannibalism — rational nonsense to want to leave in the past! Only now we know it’s not in the past at all…

How do you solve a problem like Taissa

Two middle-aged women in cocktail dresses, sitting at a table for their high school reunion.

Both of these women killed animals this season, but simply one is a vegetarian.

Credit: Kailey Schwerman/ SHOWTIME

Throughout Season 1, Tai has seemed unequivocally on the side of the other living Yellowjackets she interacts with. Tai is the only one who seemed to have her shit together: A love genealogy, a bloom career, even a vegetarian food! We know she hired Jessica to ensure they hindered their silence, but that was supposed to be in service of the state senate campaign — not to cover up her own propensity for blood sacrifice.

Now we know the truth: That Tai still clasps to the ways of the lumbers, to the habits Lottie and the others began and everyone would ultimately either join or flee from. It’s specially jarring demonstrated young Tai’s firm rejection of all things supernatural. What happened out there to change her recollection so completely — to the point that she can’t shake it 25 years later, thousands of miles away from the lumbers?

That’s all penalize and well( it’s truly not ), but both past and current timelines leave more pressing matters to attend to. Javi’s disappearance might be the most chilling, and Nat and Travis were still in the lumbers where reference is last know them. Is Misty going to kill Ben in a crime of passion and offer him up to Lottie’s altar? Did the people who seized Nat likewise kill Travis? Most importantly, when do we get Season 2 ??

It’s going to be a long time before we get any answers.

Yellowjackets is now streaming on the Showtime app and via Hulu and Amazon.

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