Amy Poehler is a hugely successful* deep gulp in* actress, comedian, scribe, creator, and superintendent. After shaping her big break on Saturday Night Live in 2001, she has taken TV and Hollywood by squall, recently directing AND starring in the touch new Netflix original film, Moxie.

In this video, we peculiarity exactly a few cases of her amazing credits:

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo( 1999)
Wet Hot American Summer( 2001)
Saturday Night Live( 2001 -)
Mean Girls( 2004) – Now streaming on Netflix UK/ IE.
Arrested Development( 2003 -2 004) – Now stream on Netflix UK/ IE.
Blades of Glory( 2007)
Shrek the Third( 2007)
Baby Mama( 2008) – Now streaming on Netflix UK/ IE.
Parks& Recreation( 2008 – 2015) – Now stream on Netflix UK/ IE.
Sisters( 2015)
Russian Doll( 2019) – Now stream on Netflix.
Wine Country( 2019) – Now stream on Netflix.
Moxie( 2021) – Now streaming on Netflix.

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From SNL to Mean Girls to Moxie, Amy Poehler’s Career So Far | Netflix

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