I’ve said it before, but modders are one of my absolute favourite happens about gaming. Whether they’re putting Randy Savage into Skyrim or Biggie Smalls into Fallout 4, their ability and resourcefulness always startles me.

This time, they’ve only gone and introduced beloved children’s reference Thomas The Tank Engine into Monster Hunter World, and the results are about as spine-tingilingly dreadful as you’d expect.


We have UberGrainy to thank for this particular mod, charmingly called the” Thomas the Eater of Elder Dragons mod” which replaces the odious elder dragon Nergigante with the somehow even more hideous locomotive.

You might ask what’s so panicking about a civilize, but anyone who’s ever tried to get out of Manchester Piccadilly station during rush hour will know that they’re not to be taken lightly.

The fact Thomas isn’t really inspired at all time induces it even more disturbing to be honest. Check him out in action in the video below.

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