Sing-along with Lincoln Loud( Asher Bishop) and Angus( David Tennant) in the entertaining track’ I’m Gonna Be The Duke! ’ from the official soundtrack of The Loud House Movie , now streaming on Netflix.

[Verse 1: Lincoln]
I used to feel like I’m nobody
’Cause my sisters always steal the spotlight
But now I know that I can be somebody
The most special Loud in all the land
I’m gonna turn some abilities around
Make everybody know my name
I’ll introduce a little Loud to this tranquillity place
And no one’s ever gonna steal my spotlight
I’ll be the talk of the town

[Pre-Chorus: Lincoln]
This comic book’s gotta proceed, Ace Savvy’s all you should know
Have a breakfast burrito on me
Step title up to my indicate for some magic and gold
You can thank me last-minute ’cause

[Chorus: Lincoln]
I’m is about to be the duke, it’s my period, my turn to be
The brand-new duke in history
Gonna evidence my family I’m ready to rule
I’m is about to be the duke

[Verse 2: Angus]
When you is to assist other people
Don’t precisely do it to be in the spotlight
Or be the talk of the town
Remember, everything you do
It’s about them and not you
That’s how “were living” like a Loud
If you want to wear the crown
Don’t make this town a better place
Look into their hearts and fix some real change
Cause magic tricks and short-term fixes are not the answer
You’ve got to do some good deeds

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The Loud House Movie – I’m Gonna Be The Duke!( Official Video) | Netflix

With his parents and all 10 sisters in trawl, Lincoln Loud premiers to Scotland and learns that royalty passes in the family in this world-wide musical wander!

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