Shea Whigham( American Hustle ), Olivia Munn( X-Men: Apocalypse) and Frank Grillo( The Grey) starring in this perimeter of your accommodate, gritty crime thriller. Whigham is Parker, a down on his prosperity social worker who experiences himself in over his head when he tries to protect his purchaser from her recently paroled husband. Can Parker save their own families from the viciou threat of the maniacal drug dealer and his crew, frantic to restore their priceless hoard at any cost?

THE GATEWAY- In select theaters September 3rd and on Blu-ray/ DVD September 7th- Shea Whigham( Parker ), Olivia Munn( Dahlia ), Taryn Manning( Corey ), Mark Boone Junior( Gary ), Taegen Burns( Ashley) with Frank Grillo( Duke) and Bruce Dern( Marcus ).

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