Edtech startup LEAD, previously LEAD School, has raised Series E funding of $100 million at a its evaluation of $1.1 billion. The first edtech unicorn of 2022 is also the first institution edtech participate to register the begrudged organization.

The round, led by WestBridge Capital and GSV Ventures, is one of their largest edtech investments to fuel the company’s schemes. The company’s valuation has redoubled in the past nine months on the back of strong growing in its operations and business metrics. The current round is its fifth round of institutional fund since 2017.

LEAD will use the follows to achieve its vision of requiring character affordable education to 25 million+ students with an annual revenue extended rate of$ 1 billion. The immediate focus will be on product and curriculum innovation, emergence in its footprint, and hiring top ability across offices.

In the long term, the company plans to go deeper into the country to serve students in lower-fee schools and expand internationally in same geographies.

LEAD Co-founders Sumeet Yashpal Mehta and Smita Deorah said, “A child depletes six hours in clas and exclusively 1 hour in tuitions. Converting schools, when done right, has massive potential to vary our country’s future. LEAD, with its integrated “schools ” has interrupted new floor in this direction. We believe that in edtech, Saraswati precedes Lakshmi.

“Our intense focus has been on learning outcomes and life success of our students. And this has resulted in not only strong support and retention by class but also interest from investors who importance returns with real blow. We’re extremely indebted to our squad of LEADers for abiding true-blue to our goal and curing go Induce to all corners of the country.”

The new unicorn will remain focused on transforming core schooling in India with tech-integrated solutions. The corporation territory it has learnt rapid adoption in the last four years and will register academic year 2022 -2 3 with 5,000 academies across 500+ metropolis in India and an annual income flowed frequency of $80 million. It aims to serve close to two million students.

WestBridge Capital Managing Director Sandeep Singhal said, “We are extremely proud of LEAD’s success as the largest school edtech provider in India. Its swelling last year, despite COVID disturbances, italicizes its consumer-first approach and deep focus on learning outcomes. We are roused to double down our investment in LEAD, to support in the fact-finding mission of transforming the education sector in India and touching lives of millions of students.”

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[ Product Roadmap] Starting with one school in Areri village, LEAD is now working with more than 2,000 class in 400 metropolitans

Transforming K-1 2 education

Founded in 2012, LEAD has been converting core schooling in India with its inventive full-stack school edtech solution. It has been stirring global-standard education accessible and affordable to students, especially in non-metro metropolitans.

The curriculum in a LEAD-powered school is benchmarked with the best in the world, including academies in Singapore, Canada, and the US.

GSV Ventures Managing Partner Deborah Quazzo said, “LEAD has emerged as the gold standard for transforming K-1 2 education in India. The company acts as the Intel Inside for affordable schools and guarantees 70 percentage familiarity in all subjects and all grades for low-toned/ middle-income students and excess the guarantee.

“We, at GSV, believe that the comprehension guarantee is a revolutionary offering in the K-1 2 education cavity and has the potential to be societally transformational for students. With this strong and unique value proposition and exceptional administration squad, LEAD is well on its path to become world’s largest and most impactful school edtech company.”

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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