A young color bride with cerebral palsy is how the world categorises Tegan Vincent Cook. What we discover is her unbridled dedication to reach the 2024 Paralympics. Directed by Ngaio Anyia and raised and filmed by Aodh Breathnach.

Horse drive is a boast out of reach for most people, with its huge financial and physical requirements. None more so than for Tegan, a young blacknes gal with spastic paralysis, whose muscles move uncontrollably in day-to-day life. Tegan fell in love with riding horses at a young age, detecting it relaxed her muscles and generated her impunity like nothing else. We follow her motivating, determined and empowering journey to find the perfect equestrian partner to complement her disability, and her battle discover the financial and emotional support required to break into the industry and compete in the 2024 Olympics.

Produced as part of the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund.

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Tegan: Dreams Of The Paralympics | Netflix

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