The Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters has also begun filming its aviator incident and the show is set to be narrated by Dean. Dean Winchester is one of the heroes of Supernatural, who has saved countless life-times. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that he is perfect, far from it. He has a penchant for obligating poverty-stricken decisions and endangering himself and the person or persons around him.

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Dean is a hot-headed and reckless boy, who often doesn’t think things through before making a decision that is likely to affect a lot of lives. Many people in “peoples lives”, as well as others, often have to pay the price for his bad decisions. One may admit though that his poor decisions continued the evidence going for 15 seasons.

Dean has always been overprotective of Sam, willing to do almost anything to save his brother. Due to this, it came as a disturbance to countless followers of the picture when Dean targeted his firearm at Sam in season 15.

Here, Dean is not idea straight. Sometimes, he can get carried away when he gets too focused on the mission. However, this was a bit too much, even for Dean. Sam is just trying to stop Dean from pushing Jack to his death, but Dean won’t stop at anything to get rid of Chuck and get his free will back, so he targets the grease-gun at Sam.

Dean killed Amy Pond, who was a Kitsune, but likewise an age-old friend of Sam. It can be argued that he is a hunter and his occupation is to kill dangerous ogres and Amy had assassinated some homeless people, so she wasn’t innocent.

However, departing behind Sam’s back to kill her was not a great decision on Dean’s part. Amy was Sam’s friend and Dean should have done Sam the courtesy to obligate him understand why Dean needs to kill her. It’s funny how both brethren would rather betray one another and stimulate a major schism between them later on rather than talk about things beforehand.

Talking about his overprotectiveness and co-dependency on his brother, Dean went to some extreme periods for Sam during the entirety of the picture. At the end of season 2, when Sam is killed, Dean feels like he disappointed as brothers and sisters. So, he sells his soul to a crossroads demon to save Sam and then goes to Hell for 4 months and is brutally tortured there.

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Any regular loving brother would be heartbroken after watching their sibling die in front of them, but being willing to go to Hell to resurrect the said friend is not a healthy coping mechanism. This also shows how little he evaluates his own life and doesn’t stop to think that how Sam would have to live with the fact that his brother went to Hell for him.

One of the worst tones of Dean is that he thinks he can control the lives of people around him and he vindicates it by doing it for their good. At the end of season 6, Dean questions Cas to see Lisa and Ben forget about him.

This is just outright cruel and akin to playing with someone’s life. Dean spent a year with Lisa and Ben and he has no right to alter someone’s caches like that, for whatever reason. They have basically lost a year and they are able to never know the reason why. Even Sam immediately announces Dean out on this and says it is one of the most messed up things he has ever done.

It’s no secret that Castiel has given up a lot for Dean. However, somehow whenever Cas needs something from Dean, he lets him down almost every time. This is one of those meters when Cas had lost his grace and so he was human for the first time and not to mention, homeless and improbably confused about everything.

Dean, rather than helping his best friend, kicks him out of the bunker onto the streets. Yes, he had his reasons, but he could have explained that to Cas and helped him in some other way like putting him in a motel or something. What he did to Cas is not how one should repay people who have sacrificed so much better for them.

For a world-renowned hunter who stopped numerous Apocalypses, Dean sometimes can act excessively stupid. He caused an archangel possess him, knowing that archangels can never be trusted. In the early seasons, witness learned that Dean is the Michael Sword, the true vessel of archangel Michael.

So, in season 13, when he said yes to Apocalypse-world Michael take control of his pot, he should have figured out that Michael would never “lets get going” of his true vessel so easily. What followed was that Michael locked Dean in his memory and devoted cruel ordinances being in his vessel.

Despite Cain’s constant warnings, Dean was adamant about taking the Mark of Cain from him. The Mark is supposed to lock the Darkness apart and whoever countenances it becomes the ultimate gunman. Dean took it on to kill Abaddon.

Unfortunately, this proved to be one of the worst things to happen to Dean. The Mark is the world’s first swear and it turned Dean into a mindless, aggressive executioner. Things got so worse that he was almost killed his best friend, Castiel. It eventually passed Dean to become a Demon and then later on unleashing the Darkness upon the world countries and censuring everyone in the universe.

Dean’s overprotective sort can traverse too many personal borderlines and this is another instance of that. Sam was at the brink of death at the end of season 8 after the ordeals, and Sam had accepted his death. However, Dean couldn’t let that happen and he tricked Sam to say yes to an angel announced Gadreel( Ezekiel) possess him.

Sam cartels his brother more than anyone in the world countries and Dean deluded his cartel by lying to him, operating him, and telling an angel take control of his torso without his assent. This is not just a violation of Sam’s trust but likewise his mas and thought. Later, Sam is mad at Dean due to this, and rightly so.

Jack lost his soul in season 14 and killed Mary by accident. When Dean got to know about it, he blamed Cas for Mary’s death and propagandized him apart. It was a cruel thing to do to Cas, specially when he lost Mary more, who was his good friend, and then also lost his son, Jack.

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At such a term of severe loss, Dean and Cas could have helped each other out process their regret. Instead, Dean irrationally accused Cas for everything and prepared both of their lives ten durations worse.

Dean and Jack have had a perplexing relationship with Supernatural. Sometimes, they behaved like the ideal father-son duo, and other ages, Dean was ready to kill Jack. It seemed like the writers weren’t sure about their relationship dynamic. When Jack was born, Dean had wanted to kill him because he condemned him for Cas’ death.

When Jack lost his soul and inadvertently killed Mary, Dean wanted to lock him in Ma’lak Box for immortality and later on in the season 14 climax, again Dean planned to kill him. Thus, this willingness to harm someone he claims is his son is appalling. After more than a decade of reputation growth, viewers expect Dean to not act like his own father.

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