A favourite YouTube artist made a disturbingly accurate Freddy Krueger sculpture out of crayons before proceeding to melt its face off. The fictional serial murderer was first introduced in Wes Craven’s 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street as the spirit of a child murderer who invades his victims’ dreams and holds a glove with finger-like razors. Freddy Krueger has since become one of “the worlds largest” iconic movie rascals ever, appearing in six sequels, the crossover movie Freddy vs. Jason, a 2010 remake, and even a Tv show.

Sculptor and prop artist Steven Richter crafted a homemade replica of everyone’s favorite Dream Demon just in time for Halloween. Richter, whose YouTube channel has more than 1.2 million readers, melted the crayons into a firm, malleable clay, which he then used to sculpt Freddy Krueger over a skeleton. The teeth and facial abnormalities are eerily close to what followers know them from the movies. Check out Richter’s entire process below, culminating in the true horror-movie terminate of Krueger’s face evaporate off 😛 TAGEND

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Though Krueger is satirized as more silly than frightening these days, Richter’s sculpture is a reminder of just how indeed horrifying his features are. As far as classic rascals lead, the uniqueness of Krueger’s appearance in A Nightmare on Elm Street far surpasses that of Jason Voorhees, whose often simply associated with his hockey mask. Jason seemed to have won the battle in the end of Freddy vs. Jason, but Krueger’s legacy ensures he won the war.

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Source: Steven Richter

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