Marvel superhero America Chavez was supposedly considered for an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home; that’s according to official idea artwork that has surfaced boasting Miss America alongside some familiar faces from the movie. Concept artist Maciej Kuciara recently tweeted out a series of artwork containing many scenes he worked on for the film, with the one in question peculiarity Peter, MJ, Ned and other classmates at what appears to be a bumper car rink. Miss America( America Chavez) eventually did not appear in the final copy of the movie, although there’s no denying that she’d have been a perfect fit for the multiverse havoc that ensured in No Way Home. After all, America Chavez has the ability to smash through the multiverse, herself, with her star portals. Now that #SpidermanNoWayHome was secreted before that particular movie and there was clearly no clue of Miss America, we can expect to see America Chavez alongside Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when it exhausts later this year on May 6. In other Spidey news, Andrew Garfield spoke with The Wrap about how traumatic keeping the big secret of him returning as Spider-Man in No Way Home was for him. And finally, if you’ve ever wondered what Robert Pattinson’s Batman would look like going up against Jim Carrey’s Riddler, wonder no more! Comedian Matthew Highton applied his super abrupt editing sciences to situate scenes from the 1995 movie, Batman Forever, alongside representations from The Batman movie trailer.


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