Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez catapulted into the nation’s consciousness this past summer after gathering off one of the most major election unnerves in recent political autobiography — and she’s lived rent-free in all of our thoughts since then. Progressives adore her, right-wingers dislike her, and everybody in between still follows her every movement.

As she prepares to take her residence in Capitol Hill, the representative-elect has taken to Instagram Story to yielded her ingredients an exceptional inside look into the congressional orientation and the transition process. To find out what obligates Ocasio-Cortez so plea to her followers, we talked to body language expert Patti Wood, columnist of Snap: Constructing the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma .

“Her gesticulates show that she’s trustworthy and honest. When recognizing integrity or subterfuge in the following statement, you look for when the gesture exists. When someone is being authentic, they gesture just before or at the moment of their announcement, ” Wood said, pointing out at how Ocasio-Cortez gestures to underscore the key points of her scaffold during speeches and other talks. “She does that, over and over again. What happens in your primitive intelligence is that you trust, you believe, because it’s in sync. It approximately melodic, it prepares you feel good to watch her.”

Wood also said that the road Ocasio-Cortez speaks( in the 29 -year-old’s own names, “like a girl from the stymie “) also constructs her constituency feel a little bit closer to her. “She often consumes exceedingly casual or conversational lingo like ‘yeah, ‘ which would identify her with her constituency and signals ‘she’s like us, ‘” Wood said. “Until recently that was unusual, but the Trump presidency changed that.” And unlike another woman lawmakers, who historically have exerted ensure over their expressions in an effort to avoid sexist denunciation, Ocasio-Cortez is part of agricultural crops of millennial lawmakers that don’t shy away from sounding into their personalities.

That idea of connecting and being real seems to be one of the reasons why Ocasio-Cortez has given her adherents a look into that Congress Life( tm) via her social media berths, solely Instagram Floor . Wood said it was interesting that the congresswoman-elect has allowed her ingredients a peek of different parts of her life. “She has allowed herself to be seen on different levels of attractiveness or formality. She doesn’t have the be required to symbol[ herself ], ” Wood said. “She’s telling us ‘I’m showing you who I am at all times.’ It’s interesting, because it’s unexpected. For the majority of members of fames, their label is a mask for them. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have that.”

I liiiiveee for @Ocasio2018‘s @Instagram history !! 1p6Cyp4AYs

— Frank Fox (@ frankthefox) December 2, 2018

When requested information about her overall impression of Ocasio-Cortez’s body language, Wood said it was easy to understand why she has become a political rising star. “She feels strongly about particular issues. She’s not forgery her resentment, ” Wood said. “And indeed she doesn’t seem to need a facade to have her confidence.”

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