For obvious reasons, Saw fans were startled when comedian Chris Rock was announced to star in a reboot , but to succeed, he should represent it straight-from-the-shoulder. While repugnance and humor often go hand in hand, the Saw franchise is one of the least comedic out there. For the most part, Saw toy its activities in a deadly serious way, and often pieces some of the most gruesome, stomach-churning kills in the history of the entire horror genre. While “torture porn” is a pretty stupid term, there’s a conclude Saw was always insured at the vanguard of that crusade, despite also telling engrossing stories together with the gore.

After nearly a decade at the top of the cruelty plots, to the point where other studios purposefully scaped pitting repugnance films against a new Saw movie, the dealership apparently comes down to an end with 2010 ‘s Saw 3D: The Last chapter. In 2017 though, Saw was resurrected via the simply designation Jigsaw, which at first seemed to be a reboot, but ceased up being just as tied in to John Kramer’s story as any prior Saw film.

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Like prior Saw cinemas, Jigsaw was a huge reached, deserving $103 million on a plan of simply $10 million. Still, bad the examinations and a tepid devotee response transmit Saw back on the shelf, until last-place summer’s confirmation that Chris Rock would perform in, exec create, and write the fib medication for a new Saw entry. It’s unclear what the fib will be about, but one thing it shouldn’t be is a laugh riot.

Despite Chris Rock’s Saw movie being aim for liberation in May 2020, we still know cherished little about development projects, outside of some casting bulletins, such as the fact that Samuel L. Jackson will toy the parent of Rock’s character. The reboot doesn’t even have an official title hitherto, although “The Organ Donor” has been moving around online. When Rock’s involvement was disclosed, the comedian and performer made very clear that he’s a longtime fan of the franchise, and looked forward to revitalizing it. One would hope that as a fan, Rock realizes that the last thing most of his fellow fans would want in a Saw movie is lots of comedy, even if Rock would probably somehow manage to make it hilarious.

For now though, we have no real plan which is what Rock’s plans for the dealership are, and whether he plans to play his police officer character as a serious lawman or a deadpan snarker. Again, while Rock is a comedy legend, Saw has almost never indulged in laughter. Attaining the concept of a comedic Saw movie even less request is just how much the right has been mocked over the years, most notably in the increasingly abominable Scary Movie series. There are also countless Saw mocks on YouTube, and it would be hard to watch Billy the Puppet crack a joke without thinking of viral shorts like “Working with Jigsaw.” Hopefully when it comes to combining Saw with comedy, Chris Rock just says no.

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