Try extremely it is difficult to see life meaningful, and it becomes absurd to derive any definition from your present-moment life

The question implicit in numerous people’s early January speculates is essentially this: how do I- or how should we, collectively- plan to use the coming year? Your answer might involve coming set, or noting a soulmate, or making a million dollars selling virtual kale snacks online to idiots. Or it might focus on activism, or merely on coming by, and remaining reasonably sane in trying times. But it’s worth noting that all these different purposes are the same underlying hypothesi, one so basic it’s easy to miss: that time is best approached, in the first place, as something you use.

But is it? The problem with treating every year( or week, or hour) as something you’re supposed to put to use is that you be brought to an end living permanently focused on the future. The more strenuously you try to get something out of life, the more emotionally expended you become in reaching the top at which you’ve succeeded in doing so- which is, undoubtedly, never now. In other oaths: try too hard to spawn life meaningful, and it becomes inconceivable to derive any definition from your present-moment life.

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