Reba McEntire & Boyfriend Rex Linn Caught COVID-19 After Being Vaccinated

Reba McEntire and her sweetheart, Rex Linn, are in recovery.

The 55 -year-old singer revealed that she and Rex, had contracted COVID-1 9, after they were both vaccinated.

Click inside to see what Reba told her fans about the situation…

In a TikTok live brook, Reba shared that she and Rex, who have been dating since last year, came very ill.

“Stay home. Just bide safe. Stay health, ” she told her devotees. “It’s not recreation to get this. I did get onto. Rex and I got it and it’s not recreation. You don’t feel good.”

Reba computed, “We were both inoculated and we still got it, so stay safe, stay home, and be protected the best you can.”

In the same live stream, Reba also shared a little update about upcoming live shows.

“I have no idea what plans for next year are. You know, the COVID thing has really hit hard and spikes are going everywhere right now … and it’s all over the country … so we don’t have an idea, ” she says. “We have means right now to go back on tour in January, February and March. We have proposes with being with Brooks& Dunn at Caesars in December, the first two weeks, approximately three weeks of December, but we don’t know if that’s going to go.”

Reba concluded, “We’re just gonna move forward, deter prayin’ that everybody stands safe and healthy, and wear your mask and only be safe.”

Reba and Rex saw their welcome mat debut together at the CMA Awards!

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