Wow, guys. Did you hear? Dana Loesch had the gall to defend the rights of the unborn while being an NRA spokeswoman. For George Takei, that’s irrefutable proof that she’s a flaming hypocrite when it comes to life:

The hypocrisy, it burns.

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) February 3, 2019

The piece Takei is promoting kicks off like so:

Dana Loesch, who we suspect of actually being the Loch Ness monster in disguise, strikes again.

Loesch, who is a far-right conservative commentator and spokesperson for the NRA, has a reputation for saying things that are both horrid and untrue.

Quality stuff, righ there. It goes on to try to make the case that Loesch is somehow not really pro-life, using tweets calling her pro-murder and pro-forced-birth as evidence. Really, though, all the evidence only points to Takei and lefty pro-aborts and gun-grabbers as the true hypocrites. They claim to care about children yet advocated for state-sanctioned murder of the unborn and for policies that will make it harder to defend children from school shooters or for parents to defend their children from armed home invaders.

Nice try clown

— J G (@bronx_bombers99) February 4, 2019

What hypocrisy?

— Doug Oviatt (@OviattDoug) February 4, 2019

Exactly HOW is she being hypocritical?

— Ramjet (@RamjetinWI) February 4, 2019

You sir are incorrect. Dana is spot on.

— Richard B. West 🚂 (@westrich54) February 4, 2019

There's no inconsistency. She wants ppl— who otherwise can't— to be able to defend themselves.

Regardless of race, gender, age

— Jefe Hoy (@jefe_is_back) February 4, 2019

If the Left is OK killing innocent children after they are fully formed, they will have no problem killing adults after they are rendered defenseless. So, no hypocrisy at all. We do not want children, nor innocent American Citizens, killed without a chance to defend themselves.

— Tom Gaddis (@TomGaddis67) February 4, 2019

Where is the hypocrisy?

She supports the right to life for innocent babies.

She supports 2A rights for mothers & families to protect themselves.

Please explain?

— RoonimusPrime-RN (@Ronnimusprime) February 4, 2019

Pretty dumb. Shooting someone to protect a life vs killing a life because it’s inconvenient. No depth to your ignorance eh?

⭐⭐⭐Marilyn, RN (@MAGAmarilynRN) February 4, 2019

So I kept looking for the part where @DLoesch was wrong, but I just couldn't find it. Perhaps this is simply a case of you finding strong women threatening. 🤔

— Redcloak The Smirker ❌ (@BrewingAle) February 4, 2019

I don’t see hypocrisy. She is against killing babies and she is for people being able to protect themselves from being killed by criminals. The hypocrisy is in the way you think.

— Eric (@DrEricMD) February 4, 2019

I fail see hypocrisy in promoting a pro-Life stance and allowing individual citizens to protect themselves from others who would do them harm.

— The eyes of Fred are upon you (@fredontwittur) February 4, 2019

You mean your hypocrisy where you say you care about small kids being killed but then support those who want abortion all the way up to delivery, and some even after delivery? Please.Still wondering why you support the very party that put you and your family in a camp.

— The rise of DV S1EOG (@SoldierOneEaODG) February 4, 2019

Those are not similar issues at all. That's quite an irrational article. I'm not a Trump defender or religious, that just looks like pathological reaching.

— An aggressive cloud (@aggressivecloud) February 4, 2019

The bias in this artical is what burns. My eyes hurt after reading this trashy article. Come on George, you are better than this. @DLoesch can support 2A and be pro life.

— Timothy Barribeau (@melvintbarr) February 4, 2019

That’s nice of you to say, but as we’ve seen time and time again, George Takei really isn’t “better than this.” He always hits below the belt; unfortunately for him, he winds up being the one who ends up getting hurt.

No, he's really not better than this. I've seen him much worse than this, actually.

— Jefe Hoy (@jefe_is_back) February 4, 2019

So George Takei et al. can just go ahead and set their phasers to “take a seat.”

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