Maksim Chmerkovskiy Shares New Update About Situation In Ukraine While Preparing To Head To a Bomb Shelter

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is seeking out security while preparing for another attack in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In a new modernize announced to his Instagram Stories, the 42 -year-old dancer spoke about the current state of its own country while the area is under attack.

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Maks, who is in Kyiv while filming Dancing With The Stars Ukraine, is exposing more heartbreaking details about the ongoing conflict.

” I don’t know what its main purpose with all this- I’m just saying what I’m seeing ,” he says in one of the videos, contributing,” I’m giving you my best notion of what it actually is .”

He did reveal that some of his friends were shot at in their auto as they fled to the Poland-Ukraine border, and it took one friend around eight hours to make it out.

” It seems that the Ukrainian army is doing an incredible job at stopping any kind of advancement of Russian thrusts ,” Maks shared, adding that one of his primary concerns is getting children to safe, as well as attaining sure the elderly are take better care.

” I don’t know the answer ,” he said.” I simply require the shooting to stop .”

In his most recent Story, Maks pictured fans just how quiet it was outside, but that times before, sirens had gone off.

” We just heard sirens outside. Everyone’s a little panicked ,” he said, adding that he’s about to head to a bomb shelter for safety.

Maks’ bride, Peta Murgatroyd, asked for petitions for his safety.

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