Kris Jenner Celebrates Daughter Kim Kardashian's Birthday With Makeup Free Instagram Post @krisjenner/ Instagram

The Kardashians are celebrating Kim’s 41 st birthday, with Kris Jenner posting a heartwarming tribute to her daughter on Instagram.

In a series of idols Jenner shared throwback photos taken over the years, as well as more recent selfies of the pair, will be followed by a doting caption admiring her daughter’s accomplishments.

Of all the photos, fans were quickly drawn to the second image in the slither, which pictures Kim and her mom seemingly makeup free.

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian (@krisjenner/Instagram) @krisjenner/ Instagram

The rare natural shot was met with more than one million likes and a load of comments on Instagram, with devotees carrying their surprise at just how much the mother and daughter duet look alike without makeup.

‘Twins !’ person or persons noted, while another wrote,’ I can see where your daughters get their beauty.’

In the caption, Jenner spurted over Kim’s achievements and her capacity as a baby, sister and daughter, saying,’ you are in the prime of your life with four gorgeous children and living your best life !’

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A affix shared by Kris Jenner (@ krisjenner )

‘Thank you for this amazing journey we are on together, for being the most spectacular business partner, for chasing our dreams together and for each and every memory that we share together ,’ she wrote.’ I am beyond proud of you my beautiful daughter. I am so consecrated that God chose me to be your mommy and I love you more than you will[ ever] know !’

Kim’s sisters and friends likewise affixed their own gratitudes to the reality star, with Kim herself commemorating the instance by sharing a clip from her second birthday portion to her Instagram stories.

After courting controversy for flying guests out to a private island in the middle of the pandemic to celebrate her 40 th birthday last year, Kim took a slightly better downplayed coming to contests this year, reportedly attending a low-key bash in Calabasas organised by her mum and sisters.

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