Iron Man and Thor have had their fair share of conflicts in the past, but their grudge in 2020 ’s Thor series is of a more lighthearted sort. This war between Tony and Thor isn’t fought with fists – it’s defended with pranks.

Marvel’s ongoing Thor series by Donny Cates and Nic Klein( joined by patron creator Aaron Kuder) follows the God of Thunder as he strives with the new loads that come with being King of Asgard. The duties of kingship certainly save Thor busy, but he doesn’t let that stop him from helping out his old Avenger sidekicks now and again. In the first issue, Thor throws his mallet from Asgard all the way to Earth to take down a ogre fighting the Avengers. Mjolnir kills the animal in a single punch, and Iron Man testifies his thanks by writing a message in sharpie on Thor’s hammer. Little did Tony know that his cheeky message of gratitude would activate Marvel’s dumbest fighting yet.

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In issue# 7, Thor communicates his mallet to Earth once again to test his theory that Mjolnir’s worthiness enchantment is fading. This time, nonetheless, Thor writes a sense of his own – one that includes Tony’s personal home phone number. Needless to say, Tony isn’t pleased that his phone number is now public datum, but Thor gets a kick out of it. He watches through the eyes of his ravens with a smile as Tony shakes his fist in feeling down on Earth. But while the God of Thunder may have evened the score now, Iron Man doesn’t leave it that way for long.

In issue# 8, Thor comes to collect his hammer, but Tony happens. He doesn’t like Thor making a fool out of him and wants to run some evaluations of his own on Mjolnir after seeing that simply anyone can now pick it up. Regrettably, Thor isn’t willing to pressure, so Tony reacts by hitting the God of Thunder with his own mallet. The jolt scarcely changes Thor, but it was enough for Tony to get a leg up in their prank struggle. He throws the hammer back to Thor, who asks that Tony keep the news about the faded enchantment a secret to prevent a war broke out. Tony agrees. “Speaking of combats, ” he supplements, “I wrote on your hammer, you yielded out my amount. Well , now I have video footage of me reaching you in the face with your own hammer. So, top that, large-scale chap! ” Thor merely smiles and says, “Challenge accepted.”

It looks like the prank war between Iron Man and Thor is far from over, with the pellet now in the God of Thunder’s court. What started as merely a funny instant in the first issue has become a entertaining trot laugh – one that they are able to hopefully continue throughout the rest of the series.

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