Bengaluru: Automation Anywhere has built a smart-alecky digital assistant for enterprises to automate their internal undertakings as part of its robotic process automation( RPA) offering. The digital aide, referred as Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface or AARI, accommodates an easy-to-use, bot-to-human interface that oversees numerous business processes. It also enables all users to simplify everyday tasks, improve collaboration between teams, and add best-in-class customer service- either on-premises or in the vapour. “This technology democratizes robotic process automation so that anyone in an organization can participate in the automation process, moving humanity closer to the full hope of a digital personnel where enabled by bots, we can achieve more than it was ever possible before, ”said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder, Automation Anywhere. It can be used for assignment in the finance department such as a multi-country reconciliation, use across complex sheets, retrieving data and information from various systems and employments to consolidate data, said Milan Sheth, executive vice president, India Middle East and Africa region. “An RPA digital assistant like AARI can receive and keep track of task obligations and coordinate the automation of as much of each task as possible, increasing the opportunity for everyone to work more effectively, ” said Maureen Fleming, vice president of IDC’s Intelligent Process Automation Research and Advisory services. The assistant can communicate with other digital assistants to orchestrate project attainment between teams in human beings and bots, added Fleming.

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