LeEllen Lewis

LeEllen remembers that when she was young, her family used to go to a timeshare that had arranges to stay that were built in the shape of sprouts. She remembered those were cool, and they were her first indication that designing and structure might be in her future.

In high school, LeEllen studied drafting and design and found that she liked these subjects and had an aptitude for them. In her Junior and Senior years of high school, she also did an internship at an design firm. These knowledge further reinforced for her that architecture was the right path for her, and she continued on to study architecture in college.

In today’s episode, she explains what architecture school was like for her, what offset her want to be licensed, and what the licensing process was like for her.

She too talks about her interest in plays and how she pointed up coaching girls’ softball. Listen to the episode to hear what LeEllen has to say about her profession, interests, and her know-hows with the design exams.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode 😛 TAGEND

What provoked LeEllen to go into architecture What building institution was like for LeEllen What happened for LeEllen after institution How LeEllen decided on architectural licensing The action that LeEllen and other boot campers approached the tests when they reopened How LeEllen is working on her last exam How LeEllen began instructing girls’ softball LeEllen’s revelations around not progressing an designer exam LeEllen’s suggestion for aspire architects What LeEllen knows today that she didn’t know then The record that deepened everything for LeEllen

LeEllen’s favorite rich, commodity, or gadget LeEllen’s best timesaving ploy The best lane to connect with LeEllen

Top Three Takeaways from This Episode 😛 TAGEND

Keep your eyes open for opportunities

Learn from your stress.

Open the channels of learning by networking and construct liaisons.

LeEllen’s Advice for Aspiring Architects 😛 TAGEND

“One, sleep is not overrated. So that’s for anybody in school, anybody toiling, anything. Sleep is not overrated. Whoever said that was an idiot, or they didn’t go through architecture school. That was like the first thing I learned when I get out of architecture school was sleep is not overrated, it’s really nice. And with studying, when you don’t sleep, you don’t retain nearly as much as what you would if you were sleeping properly. So first and foremost, get some sleep.”

Favorite Quotes 😛 TAGEND

“Then I acquired your blog announce about how studying clears you a better architect, and I decided I like that, I’m going to try it. I’m going to take this boot camp and I’m going to see what happens.”- What LeEllen knows now that she didn’t know then.

“I had to find hours. As you are familiar with, I tend to be dedicated to multiple things, school, instructing, and everything, so I read the book 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam.” -The book that changed everything for LeEllen

“So it’s not so much better a device, but I cannot live without tea.” -LeEllen on her favorite aid, product, or gadget

“I use the Google suite in implements a ton.” -LeEllen on her best time-saving trick

Resources Mentioned on the Show 😛 TAGEND

LeEllen Lewis

Lewis.leellen @gmail. com

Read more: youngarchitect.com