Mercedes remembers teasing the upcoming A45 AMG uber hatch, this time with a new video indicating a duet of its examples sliding around on ice somewhere in Sweden.

The brand-new flagship form of the -AClass and AMG’s entry-level model has been in development for relatively some time now as the Germans aim to turn the new A45 into a technological tour de force in its segment.

With the previous A45 being one of the first “hyper hatches”, Mercedes has hinted more than once that the second generation of the child AMG will propagandize the boundaries once again.

Tobias Moers, AMG’s boss, has already confirmed that the brand-new A45 will feature an eight-speed dual-clutch manual transmission and an all-new configurable all-wheel drive 4Matic organisation, ended with a Drift mode to allow the operator spate of sideways act, as drawn perfectly in the video related below.

Power will be provided by an updated version of the turbocharged 2.0 -liter four-cylinder which is reportedly going to produce 383 hp( 388 PS) in its cornerstone edition and 416 hp( 421 PS) in the S variance. The technological different in the A35 and the A45 will be bigger than initially expected, as they’ll include not only a different all-wheel drive method and engine but likewise a reinforced body-in-white, at the least in accordance with the AMG boss.

Packing 400 hp in a furnish hatchback would clang meaningless only a few years ago, but the Merc, Audi RS3 and BMW M2 have created a whole new, and too exciting, niche.

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