We’re gonna be honest with you … there’s a lot going on here that’s gonna be hard to sum up in a marry decisions. So Howard the Duck( Ed Gale) is a Marvel courage from Duckworld who is killed to Earth by a malfunctioning room laser run by Dr. Walter Jenning( Jeffrey Jones ), who is then possessed by a “Dark Overlord of the Universe” with telekinetic abilities who wants to use the space laser to draw a cluster of demons to Earth. It’s up to Howard and his human friend Beverly( Lea Thompson) to stop this cataclysmic event … with the capability of Quack Fu! Check out this explosive incident in 4K HDR.

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George Lucas poses Howard the Duck – the humor adventure about a fast-talking, cigar-chomping, beer-loving duck from a parallel nature who somehow winds up in Cleveland! The incredible illusion has Howard the object of everybody’s desire, in love with a rock-and-roll singer( Lea Thompson ), and doing battle with the misfortune Dark Overlord as he attempts to return to his own planet. One of the most talked-about movies of all time, the preposterous, elaborately displayed spoof of live, desire, comic book and cruelty movies is a hidden treasure the whole family can enjoy.

(c) 1986 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Liberties Reserved.
Cast: Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins, Ed Gale, Chip Zien, Tim Rose, Steve Sleap, Peter Baird, Mary Wells, Lisa Sturz, Jordan Prentice, Paul Guilfoyle
Produced By: Gloria Katz
Directed by: Willard Huyck

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