A brand-new trailer for New Pokemon Snap has disclosed even more Pokemon that will appear in the Lental region. Not only will players explore the lush mainland and timbers, but they will also explore deserts and seas. While not every Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 8 can fit in the relatively small region, the region’s known Pokedex has once again expanded, thanks to the latest trailer for New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap was announced during the firstly Pokemon Presents last year, and the reveal trailer showcased 50 Pokemon that will appear in the Lental region. With 200 total Pokemon genus on the island, there were still 150 Pokemon left unidentified. It’s the player’s mission to give pictures of all the island’s natural inmates to fill up their Photodex. While the N64’s Pokemon Snap exclusively had 63 of Gen 1’s original 150 Pokemon, New Pokemon Snap boastings a variety of Pokemon from Kanto to Galar.

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Now, participates can envision taking majestic photos of even more of their favorite Pokemon. The new trailer even generated an in-depth look at some of the actions Pokemon are capable of performing. More importantly, participates were given a sense of the Lental region’s flake. With all of that opening to replenish, here’s every Pokemon sanctioned for New Pokemon Snap still further.

Below is a list of every Pokemon that has appeared in both New Pokemon Snap trailers. While this isn’t a full list of the Pokemon in video games, these are the ones strengthened up to this point. The directory is in no particular order.


With the 34 additional Pokemon shown in the latest trailer, New Pokemon Snap has revealed 84 of its 200 Pokemon. Players might acquire the Pokemon that have growths are guaranteed to have their other forms in-game, but that’s not definitely true. Unlike mainline sports, players have little to no say in how Pokemon evolve in New Pokemon Snap, meaning that, while Bulbasaur and Venesaur are in the game, Ivysaur may not make an appearance. However, there are 116 Pokemon on Lental island players still haven’t seen yet.

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