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The Batman makes muse from the infamous real-life Zodiac Killer, with head Matt Reeves describing the detective story as ‘almost a horror.’ Speaking with Movie Maker on #TheBatman, Reeves talks about what led to The Riddler’s current depiction with people saying, “The premise of the movie is that the Riddler is kind of molded in an approximately Zodiac Killer sort of mode, and is killing very prominent illustrations in Gotham, and they are the pillars of society. These are supposedly legitimate figures. It begins with the mayor, and then it escalates from there.” The words the Zodiac Killer sent contained evidences that could be used to apparently lead to the Zodiac Killer’s identity, but unfortunately we’re still in the dark to this day. This, together with the Zodiac Killer’s crosshair-like symbol he’d use to sign his letters are some of the similarities administrator Matt Reeves drew upon when imagining his form of The Riddler seen in The Batman. Zodiac Killer likeness are soon to be drawn when we understand The Riddler in The Batman in theaters.

In other Batman news, according to The Hollywood Reporter, The Batman will clock in at two hours and 55 minutes, stirring it the longest Batman film and superhero flick to date.

And lastly, Marvel Comics will soon have two Captain Americas, with Sam Wilson wielding the shield alongside Steve Rogers in two different, monthly Captain America designations. Sam will be donning the stripes in Captain America: Representation of Truth, while Steve will star in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty.

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