It was a wet and wild admission for 2019!

To ring in the new year, adepts and witness alike met around the streets of New York City on Monday night and celebrated New Year’s Eve together in unusually rainy conditions.

Despite the unfortunate forecast , good-for-nothing could stop the TV emcees, performers and fans from enjoying themselves at the many celebrations in Times Square.

At Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest, several creators, including Christina Aguilera, Dan+ Shay, Bastille, and New Kids on the Block, braved the humid situations to perform their live prepares, but were quickly robbed by the downpours.

During Dan+ Shay’s act, confetti spouted out and persist to their dry faces. Meanwhile, by the end of Aguilera’s medley, her stunning makeup began running down her face from the rain.

Maintenance crews were even accompanied erasing the liquids off the stage with squeegees and soggy mops, while supporters nearby watched in their downpour ponchos.

At CNN’s Live New Year’s Eve testify with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, the co-hosts were prepared for the elements — which Cohen claimed was like “a swamp” — but were asked to placed their umbrella away by the Times Square Alliance.

“I actually hope the Times Square Alliance is thrilled that I am now entirely immersed, ” Cohen later said in exasperation after closing his umbrella, according to Deadline. “I’ve ruined this hair. It’s like a joke. What do they care about an umbrella. I was so happy before.”

Cooper eventually jokingly likened the “confiscation” of the umbrella to the pulling of Jim Acosta’s press credentials by the White House, the shop said.

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— Kate Bennett (@ KateBennett_DC) January 1, 2019

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On FOX’S New Years Eve with Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square, the emcee and his clients were also affected by the rainy conditions.

Stars including Harvey, Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke and Sting all defied the rainfall to perform for the crowd on stagecoach, some attempting to stay cool with umbrellas, while others opted for hats or coats.

But while stuffs were damp for the majority of the night, by the time midnight wheeled around, the skies cleared up — perhaps representing a brighter new time to come.

As Seacrest afterward positioned it: “As it striked midnight, it almost completely let up.”

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