Attention Hitman 2 players: the most recent Elusive Target is wandering around the Isle of Sgail. Time to push her into early retirement.

The third Elusive Target goal in Hitman 2, entitled The Appraiser, is now live.

This time out, Agent 47 will need to find artwork appraiser Miranda Jamison, who has been rather naughty. She’s a notorious cost fixer who has destroyed many prowes galleries due to her unprincipled behavior.

Even worse, various craftsmen have met an untimely downfall. Art is worth so much more where reference is designer is six feet under, ya know.

Jamison recently hired thieves to steal a make-up from a onetime client. Suffice to say, they are none-too-pleased over it, and have called upon ICA to take care of the problem.

As Agent 47, your undertaking is to take out “The Appraiser” before the artwork is revealed.

The Appraiser will be hanging around the Isle of Sgail until February 3. Complete the mission and you’ll unlock the Tuxedo and Mask with Gloves Suit.

The post Hitman 2 participates will find the latest Elusive Target on the Isle of Sgail performed first on VG2 47.

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