The Parkside church conversion at 1 Castle Street is on the market. Pic:

A divine old-fashioned church-turned-house that has stood on the outskirts of Adelaide’s city centre for more than 135 years is up for grabs.

The Parkside property at 1 Castle Street, which was built in 1884 and converted into a residency in 2006, is offering househunters a heavenly home.

Many of its grand person pieces have been preserved, including its 13.5 m cathedral ceilings and stained-glass windows, while modern scheme directions have breathed new life into it.


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It was was transformed into a palace in 2006. Pic:

Many of its original peculiarities have been preserved, while modern pattern trends please give it a new rental on life. Pic:

Walter& Irvine director Kevin Walter, who is selling the property through an speeches of interest expedition, said it was rare to find converted churches so close to the city.

“The original school and the annexed hall were converted into three Torrens entitlements, so the belonging for sale is half of the main church building, ” he said.

“It’s such a beautiful owned. It’s one that when you walk in, you’re in awe.

“The original features of the property are such a standout.

“A unique property( such) as this rarely comes on to the market, it is a awesome opportunity for someone to acquire a residence that truly makes a statement of individuality.

“You see them pop up in regional orbits but not so much better in metropolitan( Adelaide ). ”

Mr Walter said it was already attracting strong interest from househunters.

“It’s quite versatile and very modern so it could be a family home or good for an manager pair, ” he said.

“It’s appealing to a lot of various types of people.

“From time to time during my 40 year real estate career, I have had the pleasure of selling unique properties, but this is certainly one of the best.”

It is being sold through an constructions of interest expedition. Pic:

It was built in 1884. Pic:

The residence has three-bedrooms, two of which are on the first floor while the third is dedicated to a mezzanine with an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

There is another bathroom on the ground floor where an open kitchen, living and dining area makes centre stage.

The church, which was decommissioned in 2003, is infused in Adelaide’s history.

It aspects as part of a Burnside Council-produced self-guided history walk, a booklet of which regimes the foundation stone for the onetime Wesleyan Methodist Church was laid down in 1883.

“The congregation attended open air services until the building was completed in May 1884, ” the circular says.

“In December 1884 a hall was built to improve acoustics.”

It became known as Epworth Uniting Church in 1977.

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