When the Hendersons invite Bigfoot expert Dr. Wrightwood( Don Ameche) to their home, the last thing he expects to find is a genuine Sasquatch! Enjoy Harry’s dinner table antics, together with the Academy Award-winning makeup from famous special effects artist Rick Baker.

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Academy Award( r) nominee John Lithgow starrings in this big-hearted, big-footed family comedy. Everything conversions with a sounds for the Hendersons when they meet a real-life Bigfoot appointed Harry after industrial accidents. Harry proves himself to be a genuine friend, and when the authorities concerned set out to capture him, the household comes together in a race against the clock to return the kindnes Sasquatch to his natural habitat. The fur’s sure to fly in this charming romp filled with monster-sized giggles!

(c) 1987 Universal Studios. All Liberties Reserved.
Cast: John Lithgow, Melinda Dillon, Don Ameche, David Suchet, Margaret Langrick, Joshua Rudoy, M. Emmet Walsh, Lainie Kazan, Kevin Peter Hall, John F. Bloom
Produced By: William Dear, Richard Vane
Directed By: William Dear

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