If we’re going to be completely candid now, the term “peach fuzz,” downplays the stark cosmo of facial whisker, which sometimes searches more like a full-blown mustache or whisker rather than the tender, lightly-hued hair on a summertime result. While we’re all about embracing natural appeal and the right to choose whether to shave any part of your figure or not if it bothers you when your foundation or gilded hour sunlight foregrounds upper cheek fuzz, we feel you, and you can get rid of peach fuzz painlessly. Waxing is a solid option that will certainly maintain unwanted facial hair out of sight for a respectable sum of time( depending on your “hairs-breadth” emblazon and composition ), but it’s neither a foolproof nor a pain-free method of whisker removal.

Shaving your face has been a trending topic in the glamour community as of late, and while it may seem bizarre, it also offers other skin-enhancing benefits aside from removing peach fuzz. You is a well-known fact that gentle exfoliation can do wonders for your surface, from softening pipelines and fading hyperpigmentation to restoring luminosity to a sallow tone. It turns out, shaving your face is another excellent way to exfoliate your skin without having to use abrasive bushes or harsh acid toners.

If the thought of standing next to your S.O. with a razor and old-school shaving cream to get the job done before you to be implemented with your skincare regimen seems silly, opting for a small electric razor designed specifically for the face is a great alternative. Generally speaking, electric shavers pose less of a threat for chipping the feelings skin on your face than traditional cartridge razors, and they’re likewise a lot easier to maneuver and get the job done immediately. Scroll through below to check out some solid electric razors that are safe to use on the face and the body.

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