One of the most important thing reaped from James Gunn’s work with both the Guardians of the Galaxy films and The Suicide Squad it’s that he loves obscure, often bat *** odd comic book characters – with the latter movie returning us cannon fodder like Javelin, Savant, Polka-Dot Man, and Weasel.

Given that The Suicide Squad is a part of the DCEU – which also contains the gloomy gravitas of Zack Snyder’s Justice-verse – it’s terribly entertaining to see these bozos get swept up into the mix. That’s right, Snyder’s Superman and Batman exist in the same cinematic universe as TDK( R.I.P .).

Gunn’s Peacemaker John Cena series on HBO Max is no different, offering up the same R-rated gonzo absurdity that The Suicide Squad delivered, including more goofy-looking body-snatching foreigners, heaps more blood spilled in the name of saving the world, and – yup! – incongruous C-level comic book buffoonery.

Do you really wanna, do you really wanna flavor these ridiculous rejects? Let’s take a look at which niche oddballs Gunn has snatched from his catalog of crazies and situated securely within the current DC movie universe canon, from Vigilante to Bat-Mite, Kite Man, Matter-Eater Lad, Green Arrow, and more!

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