Encanto co-director Jared Bush divulges there is a subtle reference to Moana’s Maui in one of Camilo’s directions. If there has been a genuine breakout touch in the past several months when it comes to movies, it is certainly be Encanto. The Disney invigorated cinema released in theaters last November and announced some of the best figures for an animated cinema since the start of the pandemic. However, it wouldn’t be until Encanto met the rush to Disney+ in December that it would become a viral sensation online. Devotees have created beautiful bits of artwork, tracked down miniscule detailed information about every persona, and improved every Encanto song onto the Billboard chart because it stream premiere.

The colorful movie revolves around the mystical Madrigal family and its 15 -year-old member Mirabel. The family’s home has been sanctifying them with special endows over the years, and their talents in turn protect their community. However, when the time came for Mirabel to receive her gift, she came away with good-for-nothing. Now, years later, Encanto finds Mirabel stepping up to save the Madrigal’s casita where reference is magical is in danger of disappearing.

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Since Encanto debuted, the artistic squad behind the film has revealed some really interesting details about the movie. Jared Bush, who placed Encanto along with Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith, recently shared on social media that when Camilo says “Worth a shot” after trying to fool Mirabel by shape-shifting into his sister Dolores, it was actually intended as a Moana reference. Bush said that “we tried to avoid too many winks in Encanto, but I had to add this one, Camilo saying ‘Worth a shot’ is a nod to the # KandellBrothers who wrote Maui’s ‘Worth a shot’ joke in @DisneyMoana. ” Talk about a insidiou, but sugared Easter egg!

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Disney movies are often filled with Easter eggs about each other, and Encanto has a few highways that it wears its DNA proudly on its sleeve. For one thing, one of the movie’s animators recently discovered the commencement of the song “The Family Madrigal” was inspired by Beauty and the Beast’s own opening. That is just one of the many tidbits supporters have learned about Encanto in recent weeks; for another, Bush explained why Mirabel’s mother Julieta did nothing to fix her daughter’s eyesight with her healing capabilities. Clearly, if supporters have an Encanto question, they’ll likely get an answer.

It’s fitting that Bush was able to slip in a stealthy Moana reference, since if there is any Disney movie that Encanto most resembles, it’s that 2016 animated movie. Both movies are about headstrong young women who work to save their homes from unknown forces. They too both have music from Lin-Manuel Miranda, which is just the icing on the cake. Encanto has become a delightful informant of recreation and insight for numerous, and it’s safe to say fans will be happy to learn brand-new detailed information about it for years to come.

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