Horse racing is an unbelievably risky athletic to pursue as a professional athlete, and most jockeys can tell you a storey or two about harms that have forced them to watch from the sidelines until they were cleared to hasten. Multiple pointed stakes-winning jockey Edgard Zayas is no exception, having sustained variou hurts that have set him on the sidelines through the years.

The producing rider of Gulfstream Park’s 2021 Fall Meet and Spring/ Summer convene is a native of Puerto Rico as well as a former student of the Escuela Vocacional Hipica jockey school there. He moved to South Florida to pursue a profession in racing in 2012. Over the encompas of his decade-long career, Zayas has acquired 1,930 races and $55,080, 460 in earnings. He is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and are able to not make another start until the outpouring.

Zayas discussed his stellar time of racing attainments, as well as his hopes for the future following rehabilitation from his current injury.

Question: How did you get into horse racing?

Edgard Zayas: “I used to live close to a racetrack in Puerto Rico. I used to go to that racetrack all the time with my grandfather and I really loved it. I was always into plays, but I got to get a stage where I was 14 or 15 year olds and I was a little too small to play any plays so I decided that I certainly wanted to try to be a jockey. I was 17 year olds when I decided to join the jockey school in Puerto Rico. It was amazing. I think they have a really good system. They learn us everything from considering a colt to travelling a mare. It’s awesome because at that point I “ve never” certainly been involved with mares so I didn’t know how to work with ponies and bridegroom them and all that. At the jockey clas they teach you everything from grooming a mare and doing stalls to razzing them.”

Q: How did it feel to have such a good time and brought before a resulting rider name from Gulfstream after having two years in a row interfered with by gashes?

E: “It felt great. This year I was still kind of dealing with a little injury in my shoulder and I decided to get surgery because it was bugging me all year, but luckily I is supportive from large-hearted managers down here in South Florida. I had a great year that would’ve carried on to the winter so it was a tough decision to do it[ come shoulder surgery ]. ”

Q: What does the rehabilitation process for your shoulder injury consist of?

E: “Right now I’m in a sling for four weeks. After that I’ll start some rehabilitations and whenever I get my action and my muscles back I can start rushing mares in the morning again and then decide from there. I’m looking at probably three or four months.”

Q: Do the areas that you disabled remain vulnerable to potential arthritis or re-injury now? If so, what kind of special attend or prudences do you have to take now that you didn’t before?

E: “Yeah utterly. The more harms I get, I have to take care of myself more. I’m young, but I’ll start getting older little by little. There’s things I like to do outside of horse scooting like I used to play basketball and substance like that, but those are things that I now have to compromise for horse scooting. I have to concentrate on what I do to not get re-injured.”

Q: Did you find that having to take that much time off from scooting had any impact on your mental health issues?

E: “Absolutely, and I’ve been doing really good every time I’ve gotten an injury, but it’s really tough mentally. Hopefully I get a couple years of being healthful. That’s all I can ask for.”

Q: Is it difficult to get momentum back with instructors after term away due to harms?

E: “Luckily I’ve ever get support when I is coming and I’m able to get the ball wheel quick. Hopefully this time will be the same way. I’m going to try to come back stronger than ever, and finally I can razz confidently because this whole year I had that shoulder problem that was really faulting me. Hopefully when I come back I can come back one hundred percent and get the support and get the ball rolling for a better year.”

Q: Who is one other jockey that you look up to the most?

E: “Johnny V perfectly. Inside he’s the best and outside he’s the best.”

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