New Delhi: Advertising in newspapers developed as the most relied medium for communicating firebrand sends to shoppers, according to a report by research firm Nielsen commissioned by the Advertising Standards Council of India( ASCI) along with the Indian Society of Advertisers( ISA ). The Trust in Advertising report said 86% of respondents preferred the book medium, followed by television (8 3 %) and radio (8 3 %). Text and SMS ads were the least trusted at 52%. It added that advertising seen on traditional media continues to enjoy high-pitched rely among purchasers. “Print has always been a highly relied medium and continues to hold strong, ” said ASCI secretary general Manisha Kapoor. “In an senility where audio-visual mediums predominate, advertisements in publish still signal a certain solidity and trustworthiness for consumers.”The report canvassed people across age groups in 20 centres in India, including metroes and smaller townships, and found that eight out of 10 trusted publicize messages across media, Nielsen and ASCI said. “Print continues to be the most credible in today’s world, ” said Sam Balsara, chair of diversified media buying and advertising group Madison World, adding that checking and verifying details are taught into the DNA of the print media.’Printed Word Most Credible’“Being the most credible source of story, newspapers are still an integral part of the daily lives of consumers. Even those who follow new media, look at newspapers in the morning and so it is important for symbols, ” said Sandeep Chugh, managing director at apparel fellowship Benetton, which is heavily dependent on engrave for advertising.Print media’s integrity is key to the trust that people is available in it. “We are all aware that historically the printed word has always been regarded as the most credible source of story. It is no surprise therefore that the advertising that appears in the newspaper is also viewed with the same lens, ” said S Sivakumar, chairman, executive committee, Bennett, Coleman& Co. Ltd( BCCL ), which produces ET. “As we see from this research, the least expensive media are also the least relied. When you read news in engrave, you know it’s the truth. Similarly, people are predisposed to view advertising in newspapers with higher cartel grades and regard.”Television was the most common medium for uptake of ad, followed by digital, engrave and radio, the report said. Viewership of television ads is driven by non-metro marketplaces, with viewership of ads on digital media being the same in rural groceries as in metros.ISA chairman Sunil Kataria said: “It is in the advertisers’ own self-interest to make sure that all communication is honest and candid, so shoppers can trust advertising themes and brands.” 70% Trust Celeb-endorsed AdsAdvertising in newspapers is also the least obtrusive, Sivakumar pointed out.“People engage with it as a choice, unlike any other medium, ” he said. “Hence, the mindset with which one is viewing a brand’s communication and interacting with the content is one of trust and free will. These again are positive passions that enhance the effectiveness of the medium.”Among sectors, education and home care commodities enjoyed relatively higher trust status, while real estate properties ads were among the least relied by consumers. As much as 70% of respondents suggest that they cartel advertisings endorsed by luminaries. “ASCI’s job of monitoring marketing is even more crucial, given these procures. We are doing our best to ensure that such incorrect push is removed from the market, ” Kapoor said.

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