At the beginning of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, “The Jedi”, Ahsoka Tano appears to turn invisible while addressing the issue of scout patrols in the forest, which may be a result of her use an old Force power from Star Wars Legend. Even though Lucasfilm respects itself on having a cohesive shared cosmo that straddles movies, Tv testifies, video games, comics, and tales, there are still gaps between each asset; not everything is as connected as love would like them to be.

So numerous sees have been stunned is how much of Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels , not to mention legends and items from various fictions over the years, have been brought into live-action in The Mandalorian season 2. First, there was Cobb Vanth look after originally being introduced in a romance, then Bo-Katan Kryze and her Nite Owls were adapted into live-action after spending years in animation. Ultimately, Ahsoka Tano appeared in the flesh, played by Rosario Dawson, and she introduced with her the lily-white lightsabers from Rebels. She may have also produced with her an age-old Force power into canon.

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Right off the at-bat, The Mandalorian’s “The Jedi” chapter showcases Ahsoka Tano in all her might, taking out Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth’s scout lookouts one at a time in the dark forest. Her white lightsabers give away her situate, but when she turns them off, she disappears – almost like she goes invisible merely to reappear when she is intended to. Given what The Mandalorian has been bringing into real Star Wars canon, it’s probable Ahsoka is using Force cloak, a superpower in which the Force user reforms the light-headed and sound around them to appear invisible. It’s principally an ability that appears in the age-old novels and video games, which are now non-canon, but based on what’s shown in “The Jedi”, it’s conceivable Ahsoka learned the ability prior to appearing in The Mandalorian.

Force cloak isn’t only a Legend capability, it’s a rare one at that. Exclusively a handful of beings were able to master it in the aged Expanded Universe, including Anakin and Luke Skywalker, of course. And since there are many variations of the Force power, such as creating an illusion instead of bending the sun and sound or exploiting a subconsciou ploy to persuasion person or persons the Force user wasn’t actually there, Ahsoka’s Force cloak may not be an exact adaptation of the edition seen in Legends. Then again, it’s entirely possible she’s not turning invisible at all.

Even if she’s no longer a Jedi, Ahsoka is still a adept soldier with a lightsaber. She’s seen wearing a dark cloak and is plowing her lekku, so she could be using the skills she learned over the years to use the fog and darkness to her advantage to temporarily hide. But it would be amazing to see another Force power from Myth, even one like Force cloak, return in Disney’s Star Wars canon.

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