As winter unsheathes its freezing tendrils in the upcoming months, warm up with your favorite TV series.

And the best way to watch those sequences is in completion. Nothing feels better than a complete line, ready to watch from start to finish, and Best Buy gets that. These parts are the best selling collection Best Buy has to offer – be prepared to moron out.

The highlight of this list is clear – the preorder of Game of Thrones: The Complete Collector’s Set. Whether you never watched HBO’s take on George R.R. Martin’s book sequence or you can quote it by middle, there is no better way to own the series.

This behemoth of a accumulation is a limited volume specify of the entire series. All eight seasons of this myth epic are encased in a wooden darknes chest with multi-layered boards by master Robert Ball. These panels tell the story that fans across the world fell in love with. Each season has its own layer in the wooden darknes box, intimating at the overall legend with recurring likeness. The contingency itself is worth the premium alone. Also included is Conan O’Brien‘s Reunion Special – a two-episode show that had fan-favorite given representatives return after the prove to talk about their favorite caches!

Preorder Game of Thrones: The Complete Collector’s Set on Blu-ray for $249.99 here .

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And for those looking for a more lighthearted cavort, The Office: The Complete Series is the epitome of a good time. Lauded as one of the greatest comedy proves ever, The Office follows part boss Michael Scott( Steve Carell) as he inadequately extends Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, a article fellowship in Pennsylvania. Nothing ever runs as expected, as this faux-documentary capitalise on the humorous regalium of cast members, peculiarity Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, and Steve Carell. Parks and Recreationtakes a cue from The Office as a workplace humor that features immediate cleverness and entertaining actors. The Parks and Recreation Department in Indiana never seemed so fun.

Gotham expects the question “what was Gotham City before Batman was Batman? ” This crime-drama follows Detective Gordon as he crusades against the rising darkness in Gotham. Featuring younger versions of your favorite Gotham residences such as Bruce Wayne, Penguin, Joker, or and more, this line is a dark reimagined look at Gotham’s past. And since we’re already in the strange and eerie back of things, we might as well hop perfectly onto that place of the fence. Twin Peaks is about as surreal as it gets when it comes to TV series. 1990 ‘s Twin Peaks is a cult-classic psychological theatre created by David Lynch of psychological-horror movie renown. It follows FBI Agent Cooper as he tries to solve the mystery of Laura Palmer’s death in the quirky township of Twin Peaks. There is no way to describe the demo other than cerebral and unapologetic in its approaching to horror and mystery.

Purchase The Office: The Complete Series on DVD for $49.99 now .Purchase Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series on DVD for $49.99 here .Purchase Gotham: The Complete Series on Blu-ray for $79.99 here .Purchase Twin Peaks: The Television Collection on Blu-ray for $59.99 now .

As always, these tolls are not guaranteed to last past midnight tonight EST. So get excited to rewatch your favorite line or pick up a new one in period! Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for more slews on merch accommodated for you.

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